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Horseless Carriages of Yesterday, Supercomputers on Wheels of Tomorrow

Real-time in-vehicle Ethernet processing


Modern autonomous cars don’t just ferry people from one place to another. They rely on near real-time, low-latency data processing via in-vehicle Ethernet (10BaseT1S/100BaseT1/1000BaseT1/Multi-Gigabit) to facilitate IoT devices, and infotainment systems features.

Smart automotives are the new normal

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Once thought to be a pipe dream, reliable communications and charging systems facilitated by best-in-class wireless charging (Qi), state-of-the-art dashboards, and infotainment technology (HDMI/DP) are quickly becoming must-have features in every commercial vehicle.

New vehicle certification requirements

Before the latest IoT, infotainment, and electronic systems can drive into the autonomous vehicle market, they must first pass vehicle certification requirements that fulfill design, and device compatibility standards for increasingly complex automotive designs.
Table map of automotive device compatibility with end-to-end connectivity & ChargingTest services and solutions

End-to-End Connectivity & Charging Test Services and Solutions

Navigating the fine print in commercial vehicle certification requirements can be challenging, especially when taking into account complex interoperability relations between networking, infotainment, and power management elements. GRL’s end-to-end connectivity & charging test services help manufacturers and distributors by harmonizing all these factors through the combined power of expert engineers and automated tests.

Furthermore, our frequent collaborations with IC vendors, Tier 1 suppliers, and automotive standards testing bodies allows our clients to receive direct access to new technology and integrate legacy technology, all while ensuring that automotive ethernet, CAN/CAN-FD displays, memory, and computing solutions receive the necessary approvals for commercial use.

Market Access Services
Market Access Services

Drive automotive components to markets of your choice with personalized homologation advice from experts.

How commercial vehicle test certifications & solutions are evolving

An interconnected automotive world

While infotainment and automotive systems used to be independent from one another, modern automotive infotainment sync up in-vehicle dash cameras, display panels, and smartphones to provide drivers with navigational assistance while keeping them connected to their phones and entertainment channels. 

Increasingly stringent data standards

External systems like GNSS, 5G, radio / TV broadcasting, and the internet have made it possible to pass traffic data from the surroundings into the car’s navigation system. While this will undoubtedly smoothen the driving experience, it also means that automotive manufacturers now have to meet a wider and more stringent range of communication standards.

Dedicated design solutions for tomorrow

To support engineers in higher level design and manufacturing required for the creation of reliable automotive products, GRL offers dedicated automotive test equipment, production equipment, and software to enable comprehensive testing, validation, and certifications that meet the new communication benchmarks for tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles.

Automotive technology is being adopted at unprecedented rates

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GRL automotive testing solutions

Flexible end-to-end solutions for all your automotive electronics certification needs.

USB Power Delivery Validation Tester
Power Suite Pro (GRL-PSP)
USB Power Delivery Validation Software
USB Power Delivery Monitor
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USB Power Delivery Tester for Mass Production
WPC- Qi Wireless Charge Tester
Cable/Connector SI Tester for Mass Production
GRL-USB3-PROTO USB 3.0 Performance & Protocol Stress Test Suite
USB Protocol Stress Test Software
GRL HDMI 2.0 and 1.4b Protocol Decode and Compliance Test Software (GRL-HDMI-DEC)-1
HDMI Protocol Decoding Software
DisplayPort™ 1.4 Multi-lane Protocol Decoding Software
GRL DisplayPort AUX Protocol Decode Software (GRL-DPAUX-DEC)
DisplayPort™ AUX Protocol Decoding Software
UHS-II Protocol Decode Software (GRL-UHSII-DEC)-1
UHS-II Protocol Decoding Software

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