Market Access Services

Leveraging global presence to launch a new Market Access Services offering

MAS services in GRL

Address the complexities of regulatory requirements in different countries and trade regions.

Covers the rapidly evolving protocol and telecom requirements worldwide.

Leverage GRL’s expertise to help exporters to access global markets with constantly changing country specific import requirements



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Regulatory approvals

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Local representation

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Regulatory updates

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Project management

MAS Market Opportunities



Without MAS, these are some possible disadvantages:

Faults in design and construction
Faults in design and construction

Inadequate understanding of local safety regulations

Additional Costs
Additional Costs
  • Multiple tests for different target countries result in additional costs
  • Process of claiming damages is time-consuming and expensive
Rejection at the border
Rejection at the border

Failure to provide complete and correct documents or incorrect procedures

Competitive disadvantage
Competitive disadvantage

Language barriers and long time to market



Application of Market Access Services

MAS Research icon

MAS Research

Navigating the complexities of international product safety and market access, including regulatory compliance, performance testing, and certification for your products

Find out what documentation and application procedures are required in your country

Testing for Approval icon

Testing for Approval

Providing testing and certification management services

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MAS Approval

Obtaining licenses/certificates

Detailed instructions on labeling, shipping, and customs clearance







Get updated on Regulatory news 




Get updated on Regulatory news

* The regulatory newsletter is available in English language.