Beyond Compliance: Device Interoperability Testing and Design Robustness

Launching a product successfully to market takes more than just checking the criteria on connectivity and charging specifications. Make no mistake, certifications will always be your product’s passport onto retail shelves. But once you have broken into new markets, the robustness of charging and performance interoperability testing is what will determine whether or not your product eventually sells out. 

With the wide array of silicon brands, models, PCB design and layouts, as well as accompanying features and capabilities on the market, achieving interoperability is not always so straightforward. For example, customers are far less likely to purchase TV sets that cannot sync up with their smartphones or wider smart home setup. 

GRL’s extensive library of test device and software assets allows you to pair up and assess your product’s actual interoperability performance with the following standards and technologies:

  • USB2/3/4 & USB Charging IOP services
  • Qi wireless charging IOP services
  • HDMI IOP services
  • DisplayPort IOP services
  • WiFi IOP services
  • Bluetooth IOP services
  • Thunderbolt IOP services
  • Matter IOP services
  • Thread IOP services
  • Zigbee IOP services
  • Ethernet IOP services
  • Automotive Ethernet IOP services
  • MAC monitor IOP services

Reasons to perform interoperability testing with GRL

Extensive asset libraries for electronics testing

GRL’s extensive test asset library provides manufacturers with the highest possible market coverage with nearly every possible interoperability configuration you can think of. Whether you’re working with high-end or budget models, popular or niche brands, our established relationships with industry partners allow us to regularly update our test asset library to reflect market demand in real time.

Rapid debugging and troubleshooting

Our laboratories are equipped with the latest automated test solutions which are in turn operated by seasoned test engineers who can pinpoint the most cost effective ways to customize your product for market viability.

GTrusted - Comprehensive customer reviews

Lab controlled interoperability tests may not always capture the full user experience. That’s why we supplement our test results with real customer reviews. This provides a fuller picture of customer reception and satisfaction, while simultaneously giving your device greater digital and word-of-mouth exposure.

GRL Hardware Interoperability (IOP) tests

Our maintenance and interoperability test bed allows manufacturers to keep up with ever-evolving technology revisions across a wide range of products for an affordable monthly fee. 

USB2/3/4 & USB charging IOP services

USB standards have undergone continuous upgrades since it was first rolled out in 1996 and shows no signs of slowing down. Aside from the gold standard transfer rate of 40Gbps and charging rate of 240W supported by the latest USB4 released in 2019, our comprehensive USB interoperability roadmap supports manufacturers of wall chargers and monitors ranging from Qualcomm QC to Apple Fast Charge, as well as older versions of USB 3 Gen1, Gen2, and USB 2.0. Meeting USB’s stringent test protocols and customer demands for interoperability is that much easier at our one-stop USB-IF authorized labs.

USB Charging Behavior Interoperability Matrix

Learn more about USB2/3/4 & USB Power Delivery compliance services.

Qi wireless charging IOP services

Qi2 wireless charging technology may become just as prevalent as wired charging technology in the future. OEMs looking to gain first movers advantage into this market will therefore want to ensure high levels of interoperability to encourage new users to adopt wireless charging products. This potentially means supporting wireless charging pads that can be linked up with ThunderboltTM3 or USB 4©. 

In addition, interoperability testing will allow manufacturers to cover their bases in battery life and optimal charging rates, allowing them to bring seamless wireless charging experiences to the end user while protecting them from potential safety hazards. Finally, backwards compatibility with old standards such as BPP and EPP, as well as compatibility with non-conventional surfaces can also open up more viable markets for wireless OEMs to conquer.

Qi Charging Behavior Interoperability Matrix

Displayport IOP services

DisplayPort interfaces were first introduced in 2006 and have become widely used in desktops, laptops, screens, adapters, and cables worldwide. GRL labs offers official logo certification for DP40 / DP80 UHBR Cable, DP 1.4, and DP over USB Type-C (DP Alt Mode). This certification ensures that qualifying devices meet the stringent standards set for DisplayPort connectivity, guaranteeing optimal performance and compatibility.

From electrical rates such as RBR, HBR, HBR2, and HBR3, to critical components such as LinkLayer and EDID, interoperability tests ensure that DisplayPort-enabled devices meet stringent connectivity standards while maintaining flexible designs that fit into the present ecosystem. 

HDMI IOP services

HDMI is the go-to integrated digital video and audio transmission standard that continues to entertain the masses through TV boxes, stereos, personal computers, screens, and more. If you aren’t already officially certified, our HDMI certification tests assess your sources, sinks, repeaters, and cables for their capacity to deliver quality digital video and audio transmission in accordance with official HDMI standards.

Interoperability tests then go one step further to ensure forwards and backwards compatibility with the most in-demand interfaces in today’s market, significantly opening up your product’s viable market base by ensuring its flexibility with devices that your target customers already own.

WiFi IOP services

Adoption of WiFi networks on a global scale have made these technologies essential to the modern household. High-speed data transfer and internet connectivity are not just relied upon for work and communication, but also form the backbone of everyday functions such as smart TVs, lighting, and even electrical appliances.

Bluetooth IOP services

Similarly, Bluetooth continues to be widely used for the majority of short range connectivity purposes. If you’re looking to test your device’s capacity for close proximity connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), our interoperability test services will help you bring more convenient, efficient, and flexible user experiences to your end-customer.

Thunderbolt IOP services

With over 10 years of working closely with Intel, GRL connects manufacturers with vendors and Thunderbolt certificate auditors to refine product design and production processes, taking a data-based approach from a wide range of test scenarios to ensure that the most optimal time to market can be achieved. Gain access to this comprehensive suite of services at the first ever Intel Corp certified lab for systems, docks, and monitors.


TBT4 electrical Validation Test_TBT EV Certification_Pre-Certification_TBT FV Certification


Summary of TBT4 electrical validation test and TBT4 function validation test

If you’re not yet Thunderbolt certified, head over to our Thunderbolt pre-certification and certification test services page to find out how you can qualify. 

Matter IOP services

With homes growing smarter worldwide through IoT and automated voice products, we’re not too far off from a future where smart home products become ubiquitous. Give your products the best chance for market success with pre-certification and debugging services in accordance with CSA’s latest IoT standards while also ensuring that your products pair up nicely within smart home networks and products that have already been set up.

Learn more about Matter standards services.

Thread IOP services

Proposed by the Thread Group, Thread plays a vital role in verifying the suitability of low-power wireless mesh networks for commercial and home use. By integrating standards from IPv6 and IEEE 802.15.4, Thread ensures reliable and secure data transmission. It also sets thresholds for low electricity demand, allowing over 250 IoT devices to connect safely to the Thread Mesh network. Get your products officially Thread certified while ensuring product compatibility that delivers a seamless, low-latency smart home environment for your end-users to relish.

Learn more about Thread certification services.

Zigbee IOP services

The Zigbee standard simplifies the choice for developers creating IoT products and services by delivering all the features of Zigbee while unifying the Zigbee application standards found in devices already installed today. Zigbee enables communication and interoperability among devices for smart homes, connected lighting, and other markets, giving consumers and businesses access to products and services that will work together without requiring additional set up or programming. Zigbee defines more than 35 devices for home automation, lighting, energy management, smart appliance, security, sensors, and health care monitoring products. It supports both DIY installations and professionally installed systems.

Learn more about Zigbee test services at GRL.

Ethernet IOP services

Ethernet plays a crucial role in local area networks (LANs) and network architectures, where a myriad of environmental factors such as building material, temperature, and even other in-building networks can interfere with day-to-day operations. 

Apart from ensuring that Ethernet infrastructure stays compliant with widely adopted IEEE 802.3 standards, our interoperability tests will verify the compatibility, performance, and adherence of your products with the wider building infrastructure to ensure reliable and uninterrupted data transfer round-the-clock.

Automotive Ethernet IOP services

Automotive Ethernet is essential for data transfer between Electronic Control Units (ECUs). With customer demands for next-generation vehicles stronger than ever, Automotive Ethernet's role in facilitating short and predictable latency becomes that much more important. OEMs will therefore benefit from a strong, highly interoperable multi-vendor market where semiconductor chips can be sold and used without issues and ECUs can work on different applications and speed-grades with underlying vehicle operations.

Ensuring Automotive Ethernet interoperability therefore involves extensive testing of physical layers within connectors, cables, and semiconductors under various environmental conditions. Without interoperability, designing and customizing tools for unique car designs that also function as expected would be virtually impossible. Today, the OPEN Alliance acts as a independent and neutral test party through which Automotive manufacturers rely on to create trust within the overall ecosystem.

Learn more about Automotive Ethernet.


Mac Monitor IOP services

With a diverse product ecosystem comes the need for flexible interoperability testing services. That’s why we provide customizable service options with our monitor IOP for Mac services, allowing manufacturers to cover a comprehensive range of device functionality testing requirements that include:

  • Basic function test
  • Charging
  • HDR function
  • Interoperability testing
  • Monitor power on/off test
  • USB exposed port function
  • TBT monitor


Basic Topology USB or Bluetooth_Complex Topology graph

Topology of USB and Bluetooth connection from device to keyboard


Each test suite covers all functionality aspects to ensure that end products sent out to customers fulfill stringent performance criteria and deliver the best possible user experience. For example, basic function tests will take into account max/min refresh rates, multiple displays, audio volume, and on-screen display function. 

Interoperability (IOP) tests for connectivity industries

With new connectivity technologies popping up at exponential rates, interoperability landscapes are consequently always in flux. Therefore, Beyond testing fixed technological pairs, we constantly stay at the forefront of development across various industries, allowing us to bring you interoperability test services that reenact exactly what on-the-ground consumers expect.

Data center interoperability

Interoperability testing is vital for data centers, especially in the face of increasing demand for capacity and scale. As technology advances with 5G, IoT networks, and AI, data centers must efficiently handle greater demands while minimizing space and cost. By incorporating backwards-compatible components, businesses can meet growing requirements without constructing new centers. Interoperability testing also offers flexibility for enterprises to navigate economic fluctuations and ensure long-term viability. 

Through established partnerships, such as our 10-year collaboration with Intel, data center operators can gain access to cutting-edge standards for electrical and functional validation, cable compliance, and other essential testing components. This empowers manufacturers with actionable insights and necessary documentation for global market access. 

Learn more about data center testing.

Automotive interoperability

Real-time, low latency processing is critical if autonomous cars are to become a safe and viable option for the average commuter. The latest network and IoT technologies make this possible by processing data at unprecedented levels, allowing cars of the future to not only take stock of their surroundings, but be hooked up with IoT devices and advanced infotainment systems. 

Meet stringent vehicle certification requirements in this new market while allowing car owners of the future to realize their car ownership dreams with interoperability testing that enables users to customize their in-vehicle setup to suit their individual preferences and unique family needs.

Learn more about the growing automotive industry.

Home automation

Smart homes can only be called as such if they provide comfort and accessibility to all of its inhabitants. This is possible through high levels of interoperability that enable connectivity and charging capabilities for all users no matter their needs. GRL interoperability testing helps OEMs address complexities within the smart home ecosystem by addressing legal, safety, and market benchmarks at our one-stop shop labs. 

Learn more about home automation.

Gaming interoperability

The gaming industry has seen advancements in data and power delivery to meet the demands of advanced gaming software. Major hardware platformers and OEMs work to fulfill the need for high-performance games, balancing console compatibility and cross-platform preferences. 

With so many moving parts between developers and gaming companies, interoperability testing can help guarantee immersive experiences of the next generation while allowing game manufacturers to optimize their resources and adhere to industry standards.

Learn more about the worldwide gaming industry.

Wireless IoT

The wireless IoT future is already here, with smartwatches, wireless earphones, voice-activated lights, and remote-controlled appliances becoming more commonplace by the minute, and will only continue to grow further as self-driving cars and smart cities advance.

Protect your IoT networks and ensure sustainable growth with security and interoperability testing that allows you to unlock the full potential of wireless technology while mitigating the ever-growing risks that come with the digital space.

Learn more about wireless IoT.

Flexible test plans

 Embedded display interoperability for Dell and Intel products

Earn the Display Ecosystem for Intel® Platform Certificate of Compliance for all your embedded display products with GRL’s Intel Display Ecosystem® Validation Program. Passing the Display Optics and Low Power Display Measurement test components will allow you to join the Compliant Panel Lists that grants ODMs and OEMs permission to distribute qualified display panel references. 

Testing your embedded display products with GRL means relying on experienced engineers who certified the Dell New Venue 8 & 10 Pro tablet in 2015 as the world’s first DisplayPort over USB-C certified products.

Introducing the GTrusted database

GTrusted is a user-contributed electronics review platform that aims to bring transparency to electronics interoperability by allowing end-consumers to share their experience with electronic devices through a standardized framework that incorporates automated benchmark comparisons and visualization techniques. 

A smarter way to guarantee interoperability

Obtain best-fit test coverage for hundreds of devices across the world that aligns with your target region and application. With automated setups and customized interoperability testing results that take into account deviations from standard behavior, GTrusted Smart Interoperability Testing is one of the most cost-effective ways to obtain consistent test results and benchmark comparisons for a wide range of devices. 

The comprehensive GTrusted database access

Move away from siloed testing and gain access to thousands of hours of high quality, consistent, and structured test data to develop smart test plans that cover a comprehensive range of interoperability behaviors. Plus, get a clearer picture of how your product fairs against similar devices and applications in the market through accurate performance benchmarks.

Accessible through the cloud by professional GRL testers and users of GRL test software and servers, the GTrusted database can help weed out bad retail devices through stress testing and continues to grow with the contribution of professional testers today.

Brand & technology audit

Evaluate the health of your brand and technology through GRL audits conducted with retail sample testing using performance, compliance, and interoperability metrics. By sending your device samples to a GRL lab located near you, you can easily monitor key performance metrics while checking for signs of counterfeiting and logo compliance.

Promotion through test

The credibility of user review systems can be easily compromised in the age of AI where authenticity is often called into question. GTrusted offers a data-based alternative which requires companies to promote their products using real test data, thereby ensuring the quality of products with concrete results. Through an objective, results-driven rating system, performance capabilities of products on GTrusted can be clear for all to see.

Summary_Adherence vs Speed_Spec Adherence_Charging_Sample rating of Apple Wall Charging on GTrusted

Sample rating of Apple Wall Charging on GTrusted

Check out the latest database, benchmarks, and testing services on and receive up-to-date information on the most popular devices in the market. 

Make Me Smarter Guides

Through ongoing testing of retail devices using GRL testers, GTrusted provides an up-to-date connectivity database that end-consumer can use. Device capabilities and interactions are continually captured, processed, and repackaged for the layperson to understand even without the required technical expertise. 

For more connectivity technology insights, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Make Me Smarter Guides where we break down results from our analytical and visualization tools.



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