As a third-party certified testing lab accredited by Thread Group, GRL provides complete Thread testing services to ensure that devices such as smart access controllers, smart lights, anti-theft monitors, and other smart home products remain reliable and compatible with what’s out on the market.

GRL’s thread testing services include:

  • Provides certification testing services for product categories as outlined by Thread, including:
    • Full Thread Device (FTD): Functional, can be connected to many Minimal Thread Devices (MTD) to form a complete Thread network, such as TV, Speaker HUB, monitoring system host, etc
      • Routing Full Thread Devices
      • Non-Routing Full Thread Devices
    • Minimal Thread Device (MTD): Needs to be connected to FTD to form a Thread network as hardware memory capacity and power consumption requirements are low. MTD covers devices such as switches, lamps, etc.
  • Smart home IoT products that can be Thread certified at GRL:
    • Voice control systems
    • Smart TVs
    • Smart light controls and lighting
    • Smart temperature sensors
    • Smart door locks and switches
    • Intelligent monitoring systems
    • Intelligent security systems
    • Other products related to smart home applications
  • Support for different Test Group tests
  • Thread testing available in both manual and automated modes.

Contact GRL’s lab experts for all Thread certification testing and pre-certification testing inquiries.

Why is passing the Thread certification test necessary?


How Thread defines the wireless network technology standard

Proposed by the Thread Group, Thread is a standard verifying that low-power wireless mesh networks are suitable for use in buildings and homes. Based on the 6LoWPAN, Thread integrates specification standards from both IPv6 and IEEE 802.15.4 to ensure that reliability and security standards of data transmission are always improving. Additionally, Thread requires smart home devices to abide by low electricity demand thresholds, allowing users to safely connect over 250 IoT devices to the Thread Mesh network. This number will only continue to grow as technology advances, ushering in a generation of truly limitless connectivity.

As a powerful wireless connectivity technology, Thread covers a wide range of IoT devices. Thread certification is therefore necessary to ensure product compatibility and a seamless, low-latency smart home environment for users to enjoy.


Thread Group’s formidable lineup of organizations

Established in 2014, Thread was formed by companies including Samsung, Qualcomm, and NXP with the goal of promoting perfect compatibility and communication across different brands of IoT devices through the development of proper IoT product standards. In 2018, Apple joined Thread Group to promote Thread technology among Apple users. Today, the Thread Group consists of members such as Google, Amazon, and Yale.

Full details on Thread Group’s mission and membership can be found on the Official Thread Website.


Thread test specifications

  • Thread Certification Test Plan: Version 1.1 R2.2.2
  • Thread Certification Test Plan: Version 1.2 R2
  • Thread Certification Test Plan: Version 1.3.0 R2


Thread certified product types

GRL provides Thread certification and compliance test services for the following product categories:

The Smart Home Products can be tested for Thread certification test


Start your Thread certification journey


Guiding you through the pre-testing and Thread testing process from start to finish.

Thread certification process flowchart_debugging and retesting_Thread Group approval


Thread certification step 1: Become a Thread Group member

All companies must be registered as Thread Group members before their products may become Thread certified.

Applications may be made via the Thread website.

Once registered, you may apply for a Cert ID for your product.

Select the type of certification desired (End-product or Component), and proceed to select GRL as a third-party certification test lab.


Thread certification step 2: Provide product sample and information sheet

Kindly assist your assigned GRL administrator to fill in the product information sheet and provide two sets of DUT for quotation and testing.

Feel free to contact us for any queries about the product information sheet or DUT.


Thread certification step 3: Obtain certification

Upon successful completion of the test, GRL will submit your test report to the Thread Group for review. The association will issue an official certification upon confirmation of the test results.

View the full list of Thread certified products

Note that no further changes should be made to Thread functions once certification has been obtained. Subsequent changes made after certification must be tested again for the product to be officially Thread certified.

Thread Certified test items & test instruments


Thread Certification test items fall into three broad categories

  • Thread 1.1: Verify the basic functionality of Thread to ensure smooth network establishment and node repair
  • Thread 1.2: Strengthen network stability while adding low-power mode
  • Thread 1.3: Further increase of network reliability and support for the Matter protocol

Thread version 1.1 test groups_table list_basic Thread functionality_network establishment_node repair

Thread version 1.2 and 1.3 test groups_table list_low-power mode_network reliability_Matter protocol

Thread test instruments

  • Thread Test Harness Software (TH V.58)
  • Thread Test Bed

FAQs on Thread compliance & CSA certification

1. Are annual fee payments required to become a Thread member?

Yes. Thread members are required to pay an annual fee. Payable amount varies based on the five membership levels: Sponsor, Contributor, Implementer, Affiliate, and Academic. 

Only Sponsors and Contributors may send Thread products to third-party certification testing labs and use certification logos.

2. Who is eligible to apply for the Family model in Thread certification?

Products with Thread modules that have passed certification may be used with other end products. However, products use modules that have yet to be certified may not be regarded as Family models without undergoing the proper certification channels.

Abide by the following steps for legal use of Thread intellectual property:

1. Become a Sponsor or Contributor and join the Thread Product Certification Program.
2. Obtain certification for your products by:

  • Completing certification testing at GRL (Thread authorized labs)
  • Obtain an active Thread certification
  • Use the certified Thread module
3. Is it possible for a product to fulfil dual-roles?

Yes! For example, Routing Full Thread Devices (FTDs) have both self-configuration and self-routing capabilities, allowing the standard FTD to fulfill Leader, Router, and REED roles. Border Routers are also FTDs that can provide external connections and support required to support all three roles.

Note that this does not apply to Minimal Thread Devices (MTDs) due to their incomplete functionality.

4. Do individual test items need to be tested for performance in different roles (e.g. Border Router and Router)?
Yes. Individual test items are to be repeatedly tested under completely separate tests based on the number of roles they perform.

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