Testing with GRL means using Matter testing services that abide by the new CSA approved open source standard to ensure that your products in IoT, smart homes, and voice service industries are compatible with other devices, digitally and physically secure, and can be relied on for a seamless customer experience.

GRL’s Matter compliance testing and debugging services include:

  • Main testing with Base PICS (Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement) to cover all fundamental Matter standards, including:
    • Device discovery management
    • Secure channel
    • Device attestation
    • Interaction Data Model
  • Cluster testing for: 
    • Temperature measurement
    • Window covering
    • Wi-Fi network diagnostics
    • Power source
    • Time format localization
  • Manual and automated testing
  • Smart home speaker, Smart TV, Light bulb, Switch, Access controls, and more

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Why is Matter testing and CSA certification important?


An overview of Matter standards

Matter is a new IoT ecosystem specification standard initiated by Amazon, Apple, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance. It was later developed by CSA to support interoperability between smart home devices connected by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Thread, and Ethernet. Based on the IPv6 protocol, Matter operates on a zero-trust approach to ensure that only authorized users can access and operate smart home devices, protecting consumers from cyberattacks while enabling ease of use within their smart homes.

For more information: https://csa-iot.org/all-solutions/matter


When was the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) established?

The former Zigbee Alliance was officially renamed the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) on May 11, 2021. The organization consists of global businesses that work together to develop, implement, and maintain international standards for the IoT and smart home devices.

For more information: https://csa-iot.org


Latest versions of Matter specification standards

  • 22-27352-001_Matter-1.0-TestPlans-Core.pdf (Updated 28 September 2022)
  • 22-27353-001_Matter-1.0-Application-Clusters-TestPlans.pdf (Updated 28 September 2022, available to CSA members only)


Becoming Matter compliance certified

GRL laboratories conduct Matter compliance for the following product categories:

GRL Matter compliance testing offerings table by product type and examples


How to obtain Matter certification


Matter validation test process flowchart

Flow chart outlining the steps required to get Matter certification, from alliance membership to alliance review


Matter certification step 1: Become a Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) member

Prior to obtaining Matter certification, either you or your brand company client must first become a CSA (the Alliance) member by writing to certification@csa-iot.org

Your application will be confirmed once you obtain a vendor ID (VID).


Matter certification step 2: Submit Device Under Test (DUT) and test documentation

You will need to provide the following documents before Matter certification testing can begin:

  1. Production information form for subsequent quotation and testing
  2. 2 sets of DUTs

Feel free to reach out to GRL sales for assistance on form procurement and submission.


Matter certification step 3: Receive testing report results

Once Matter testing has concluded, you will be required to provide certifications that relate to the “communication layer” of your product, such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or Thread. The GRL team will submit the required test reports and documents to the Alliance on your behalf.

The following DCP (Dependent Certification Programs) currently supported by Matter certification:

  • Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) certification program: Bluetooth LE v4.0 or higher for end product types defined by the Bluetooth specification.
  • Ethernet Conformance: Presents a self-defined / self-testing report of a successful IEEE PMA pass. For information on PMA, see IEEE 802.3-2015 or later (1000Base-T Clause 40, 100BASE-T Clause 22/38, 10Base-T Clause 14 or later)
  • Wi-Fi Alliance Certification Program: Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) or later
  • Thread Organization Certification Program: Thread 1.3.0 or higher

Matter validation test items & instruments in GRL laboratories


Overview of Matter validation test items

Table breakdown of main Matter test items in GRL labs

Table breakdown of Application Matter cluster test items provided by GRL lab


Matter test solutions

Matter Test Harness, developed by GRL (current version v.2.6)

FAQs on Matter compliance & CSA certification

1. Is Vendor ID (VID) necessary to obtain Matter certification?

Yes, possessing a VID is a prerequisite to obtaining Matter certification and must be submitted alongside your certification application. Organizations may apply for VID during the Matter testing process.

2. Does Matter need to be set before sending samples?

For a smooth testing experience, kindly confirm that your product can enter test mode before submitting any samples. Where applicable, do provide GRL staff with clear instructions on how your product can enter test mode. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or questions.

3. What are the requirements to applying for the CSA Family model?

CSA (Connectivity Standards Alliance) offers a Family Certification program to organizations that fulfill the following specifications:

  • Each Family Model must be attached to a "single" Main Model. All changes must be made directly based on the Main Model.
  • The Main Model functionality must be the most complete in the entire Family Model series.
  • The series must be of the same device type and have no differences that affect the Test Specifications.
  • Examples of Family Models: 
    • Power plugs in different regions
    • Third-party physical interfaces with unrelated wireless technology

CSA also offers a "Similarity Program" that, covers the derived series of products based on Family Model changes.

4. Do I need to pass the communication layer (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or Thread) test before obtaining Matter certification?

Yes. Unless a product already uses a certified chip, passing the certification test of the communication layer (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or Thread) is a requirement to obtaining Matter certification according to CSA (the Alliance) requirements.

5. Does Matter provide software certification?

Yes, the basic requirements for Matter software certification are as follows:

  • Software must fall into one of the following categories:
    • Use certified UIC (User Interface Component)
      • Select the software that already has an authentication ID
      • More complex designs may be sent to third party laboratories such as GRL for testing
    • Matter Software Component - The underlying software
      • Requires test results from a third-party laboratories such as GRL
    • Matter Software Component – UIC
      • Requires test results from a third-party laboratories such as GRL
  • Software must have one of the following functions: 
    • Commissioner
    • Controller
    • OTA Provider
    • Media Device (video projection, content application, video projection client, video remote control)

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