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Everyday, billions of data bits are siphoned through networks at work and play. These networks are only as reliable as they are secure. Safeguard users and devices within your network and keep unscrupulous actors out through compliance with the latest network security standards.

Independent third party security evaluation and testing services offered by GRL’s cybersecurity lab fall under IEC/ISO 17025 accreditation according to various national, international standards, and best practices. Reports issued at GRL test labs are therefore globally recognised thanks to accreditation by the National Accreditation Body for Labs (NABL) in India, which in turn has Mutually Recognised Agreements (MRA) with ILAC and APLAC. Our scope of accreditation covers wide range of services such as:

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Why cybersecurity is vital for telecoms

Connected networks and devices

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Telecom products, like IP routers, Wi-Fi access points, IoT devices, home routers, and optical network terminals, are vital for global connectivity. They foster collaboration, enabling effortless communication for businesses and individuals worldwide via various mediums, including traditional telephony, internet-based communication, wireless connections, and physical cables.

The Internet of Things (IoT) inevitably introduces a greater number of connected devices, thereby creating additional entry points for potential attacks. According to the GDPR PrivSec Report, security cameras installed on home networks are identified as the most vulnerable devices, accounting for 47% of the total. Smart hubs constitute 15%, followed by network-attached storage devices at 12%.

Software application security

software application security (1)

Demand for web applications has surged alongside increases in remote work and consumption. Web apps that facilitate these services are more easily deployed across platforms, but also introduce new points of vulnerability that can be exploited. Application security breach can result in severe consequences such as theft of proprietary data, financial loss, damage to reputation, and even legal consequences.

With cyberattacks are progressively growing in sophistication and frequency, web developers must continually update their defenses. Compliance with data protection regulations can help mitigate data risk through robust security measures, regular updates, as well as consistent monitoring of web applications that store sensitive data of both individual users and businesses.

Source code security assessment

code security assessment

Source code security assessment involves the creation of policies and implementation of precautionary measures such as regular logging,tracking of warnings and incidents, as well as documentation of access authorization to proprietary code. It is a process carried out by managers, engineers, and developers, and should be regularly reviewed and form the basis of future policies.

In addition, source code security assessment can further be validated periodically by independent external evaluations using latest tools according to industry best practice methods and standards such as CWE 25 and OWSAP top 10.

MAS services in GRL
Market Access Services

Design products that integrate into overseas networks seamlessly by understanding regulations worldwide.

What does robust cybersecurity testing look like?

Not all cybersecurity protocols are created equal. Good cybersecurity measures not only follow step-by-step protocols, but constantly simulate novel attacks to expose gaps within a system. Just as cyberattackers are always experimenting with new techniques and technology, the constant upgrading of efficiency, performance, and reliability of established systems is also non-negotiable.

Furthermore, in a world where cyber attackers can get AI to do their bidding, periodic checks are simply not enough. Automated patrolling surfaces blind spots and decrypts threats in timely fashion to give business networks their best chance of guarding critical data and responding to real-world threats swiftly and decisively. 

The cybersecurity assessment broadly covers the following aspects:

  1. Access and Authorization
  2. Authentication Attribute Management
  3. Software Security
  4. System Secure Execution Environment
  5. User Audit
  6. Data Protection
  7. Network Services
  8. Attack Prevention Mechanisms
  9. Vulnerability Testing Requirements
  10. Operating System
  11. Web Servers
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Device security standards

Global application security standards

There are several regulations and standards that organizations comply with when it comes to application security specific to their industry and geographic location. Compliance ensures the protection of sensitive data, maintenance of customer trust, and avoidance of legal and financial consequences resulting from non-compliance.

GRL connectivity services

Test smart home devices and components for compatibility, compliance, and excellence in data transfer and power delivery.


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