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With the right interoperability, connectivity, and charging capabilities in place, smart homes can make daily life comfortable and more accessible to a wider range of people with varying lifestyle needs. On the other hand, failure to comply with legal standards or market interoperability benchmarks can result in poor user experiences that prevent smart home ecosystems from fulfilling their potential. Some might even say that these shortcomings prevent smart homes from actually being smart.

Connecting the smart home ecosystem


From cooking appliances to washing equipment, and even automated lighting systems, more and more of our homes are being integrated into the digital world. To create a truly seamless at-home experience, these disparate components must be synced up for communication with one another. GRL fills in smart home ecosystem gaps with rigorous IoT device testing and a foolproof way to obtain globally recognized logos as proof of product user-friendliness, safety, and interoperability.

Rapid advancement with remote testing


The race to advance products to market is fiercer than ever, especially with the advent of AI tools that have accelerated the ideation and developmental processes manifold. The good news is that beating out competitors is still possible with on-demand remote testing. Simply contact the GRL lab located closest to you and have a set of automated test solutions shipped directly to you. Powered by an intuitive interface and smart algorithm support, gaining access to expert smart home testing has never been easier.

MAS services in GRL
Market Access Services

Everything you need to know to swiftly usher your smart home components into new markets.

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Access to smart home experts across various domains under one roof

Our suite of smart home IoT and interoperability testing services include:

  • Product to product: Interoperability
  • Product to user: User experience
  • Product to environment: Test for functionality across various temperatures, humidities, electrical, and signal environments
  • Test solutions for:
    • Access Point
    • IoT Gateway
    • APP
    • Smart Speaker
    • Remote Control
    • Smart Buttons
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 Improve market competitiveness with the GRL seal-of-approval

Testing and passing with GRL means being endorsed by one of the world’s most widely recognized test providers that not only ensure customer compliance with data protection regulations, but also product performance for the VIP end-user experience. 

From device operations to interoperability with digital interfaces, our tests will provide an end-to-end analysis that closes all security and user experience loopholes so that you can deliver the best products possible. 

Smart home IoT tests for data protection and safety

Smart homes must be safe and secure to truly feel like a home. This requires systems that are both user-friendly and digitally protected so that users can control lighting, heating, and other mechanisms safely from their computers or smartphones while keeping intruders out of their personal data.
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Here’s some examples of privacy components that need to be taken into account when designing IoT smart home products for data protection and safety:
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Through ongoing testing on retail devices using GRL testers, GTrusted serves as the Industry’s Connectivity Database service that anyone can use.  Device capabilities and interactions are continually captured, processed, and organized, and packages for easy consumption.

Instead of everyone testing in silos, the GTrusted database allows everyone to instantly access thousand of hours of high quality, consistent, and structured test data to benchmark performance and develop smart test plans to cover a wide range of interoperability behaviors.  Professionals with GRL testers can also contribute to growing the database based on GRL test results.

Bad devices found in retail can be identified to stress test the robustness of your product. Easily compare how well your product performs vs other products with target devices and applications. The database content is structured to be accessible through the cloud by professionals, GRL test software, and servers.

Smart home related test services

Matter services

Uniting smart home devices from manufacturers and retailers across the globe can be a challenge, but with a singular protocol in Matter, compatibility and interoperability testing can be simplified. Some smart home functions that we look out for include:

  • Mechanical and electrical safety: Whether devices can interact with home electrical grids and other common appliances without reacting adversely
  • Interoperability: Whether other common home appliances can register actions performed by your product once it is linked up with the smart home wireless network

Smart home related test services_Matter services_mechanical and electrical safety_interoperability


As an IP-based standard, Matter defines a set of specifications for network technologies, allowing for smooth communication between smart home devices, mobile apps, and cloud services. The standard is built with an open-source approach that allows contributions from developers of market-tested smart home technologies.

Learn more about our Matter certification and pre-certification test services.

Thread services

Verify smart access controllers, smart lights, anti-theft monitors, and other connected smart home products for market compatibility with GRL’s Thread testing services. Our Thread certification covers the following Thread-outlined product categories to help manufacturers keep up with rising consumer demand for IoT and smart home devices:

  • Minimal Thread Devices (MTD): E.g. Switches and lamps
  • Full Thread Devices (FTD): E.g. TVs, monitoring systems, and other networks formed by multiple MTDs

smart home related test services_thread services_minimal thread devices (MTD)_full thread devices (FTD)

As a Thread certified third-party test lab, GRL has the tools and expertise to help you keep up with the latest Thread Test versions so that your products are analyzed for reliability and compatibility with what’s out on the market before end-consumers receive them.

Learn more about our Thread certification and pre-certification test services.

Zigbee services

Zigbee synchronizes automatic systems comprising of devices from a diverse range of companies to form a seamless network of intelligent applications and gadgets. Built upon IEEE's 802.15.4 personal-area network standard, Zigbee is a well-established specification with an impressive track record that spans well over a decade. Today, it serves as one of the most popular network standards for low-powered device applications that do not demand substantial bandwidth, such as smart home sensors. In this way, Zigbee-enabled devices, such as a light switch and sensor, can work harmoniously by communicating in a common language, even if they hail from different manufacturers.

Learn more about Zigbee test services at GRL.

MFi services

Complementing smart home systems are MFi pre-certification and certification compliance test services covering HomeKit® over Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth LE, and Thread.

Learn more about our MFi certification and pre-certification test services.
Qi wireless charging services

As smarthomes become increasingly reliant on networks, demand for wireless charging can also be expected to pick up momentum. As a member of the Wireless Power Consortium, GRL provides logo certification, pre-compliance testing, and debugging services for Qi and Qi2. Devices that are covered include:

  • Compliance test services for 1.2.4 Qi BPP PTx and PRx devices
  • 1.3 Qi BPP/EPP pre-compliance testing

Smart Home_Automated home test services_Compliance test services for 1.2.4 Qi BPP PTx and PRx devices_1.3 Qi BPP/EPP pre-compliance testing

Keep up with the rapidly developing Qi2 wireless charging standard with GRL’s experts who stay closely connected with the biggest players in the market.

Learn more about our Qi wireless charging services.

Smart home related test solutions

  • GRL-WP-BST-C3 is the world’s first Qi wireless charging compliance test solution designed to support both Baseline Power Profile (BPP) up to 5W and Extended Power Profile (EPP) up to 15W. 

    In-built algorithms and programs enable wireless device manufacturers to test products for Qi, USB Power Delivery, and Qualcomm QuickChargeTM. Testers may also obtain measurements from automated Tektronix DPO7000 and PicoScope 6403D oscilloscopes or equivalent manual support models.

    Check out more key features of GRL-WP-BST-C3

GRL-WP-BST-C3 is the world’s first Qi wireless charging compliance test solution designed to support both Baseline Power Profile (BPP) up to 5W and Extended Power Profile (EPP) up to 15W. 

In-built algorithms and programs enable wireless device manufacturers to test products for Qi, USB Power Delivery, and Qualcomm QuickChargeTM. Testers may also obtain measurements from automated Tektronix DPO7000 and PicoScope 6403D oscilloscopes or equivalent manual support models.

Check out more key features of GRL-WP-BST-C3

GRL smart home testing services

Test smart home devices and components for compatibility, compliance, and excellence in data transfer and power delivery.

GRL smart home testing solutions

Automated and scalable end-to-end solutions to meet evolving smart home testing needs.

PCI Express® PLL Test Automation Solution


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