Electrical Cable & Connector Certification Test & Compliance Services

Keep up with demand for emerging wired technologies by complying with the latest industry standards in electrical wire cable and connectivity. Testing with GRL means gaining full access to state-of-the-art facilities featuring the latest 400G capable equipment and receiving personalized consultations from experts in electrical, mechanical, and environmental testing and troubleshooting. 

Meet your customer’s cable demands with confidence.

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  1. Official Certification
  2. Compliance/Conformance Testing
  3. Reliability and Failure Analysis (FA) Test Services and Consulting
  4. Cable Signal Integrity Design Consulting, Simulation, and Modeling

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Cable technology covered by our official certification test services

Electrical cables and connectors come in pairs that are inseparable from one another. Cover all your compliance bases by obtaining certification logos for the most popular cable standards on the market.


Compliance & conformance tests for the latest electrical wire standards

Test and troubleshoot cables and connectors on any standard and any form factor, assessing electrical wires comprehensively against the latest industry benchmarks.

  • Full cable assemblies, raw/bulk cables, and connectors
  • Passive and active cables
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Proprietary interconnects

Cable and connector compliance and conformance testing logos


Consultation for reliable signal integrity and failure analysis in cable testing

Ensure that your cable and connector products perform optimally under natural conditions. Environmental stress tests should cover variables such as temperature, humidity, vibrations, and other conditions that consumers are likely to encounter during day-to-day usage.
This is not just a quality issue, either. Poor performance under normal environmental conditions can lead to non-compliance with regulatory standards. That’s why our cable and connector tests include Failure Analysis and tailored consultations for troubleshooting mechanical, environmental, and signal integrity issues to keep all your bases covered.


 Electrical wire test_power and signal performance_environmental

Test equipment for monitoring cable performance under stimulated Eenvironmental circumstances mechanical.


Testing wire for power under mechanical stress

Test equipment for monitoring cable performance under mechanical stress.


 electrical wire cable testing_power integrity_data output

Interface of equipment that measures electrical wire performance.


Design consultation, simulation, and modeling for cable signal integrity

Test with confidence by using services backed by deep domain expertise across a range of interfaces, disciplines, and test methodologies with unique and independent services are laser-focused on solving complex hardware design and validation challenges.

  • Design troubleshooting
  • Fixture Design & Validation
  • Fixture/connector de-embedding
  • VNA & TDR Analysis

   Cable Signal Integrity Design Consulting, Simulation and Modeling