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The wireless IoT future is now

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The Wireless/ Internet of Things (IoT) is not the future. It is already here. From wearable devices like smartwatches and wireless earphones, to interactive furniture such as voice-activated lights and remote-controlled cooking appliances, many of us are already tapping into the power of wireless communication without even realizing it.

With widespread adoption of self-driving automotives and construction of smart cities underway, the smart grid networks that support IoT devices will only grow even faster. This growth potential holds much promise for IoT manufacturers. But maintaining security and interoperability for all devices connected to IoT networks is just as, if not more crucial, to ensuring sustainable growth in the sector.

Keep up with technical standards and best industry practices before releasing them to market. Find the key to unlocking the potential of your wireless technology with leading wireless device testing and IoT security testing services from GRL.

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GRL wireless IoT service

Ensure compliance across all stages of IoT development with functional validation, interoperability, IOT security, Global Market Access and debugging support from GRL lab experts.


Test services for compliance with Matter IoT standards

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IoT, smart home, and voice service manufacturers can ensure compliance with CSA-approved open-source standards through Matter testing services at GRL Authorized Test Labs. 

Compliance testing and debugging services cover fundamental Matter standards through Base PICS, manual and automated testing, as well as cluster testing for a range of environmental factors.

Learn more about CSA Compliance Standards and Matter Certification Testing.


Smart home IoT device test services for Thread certification

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Smart home device manufacturers must abide by low electrical thresholds while still enabling as many as 250 IoT devices to connect safely to the Thread Mesh network. This balancing act will only grow tougher as IoT adoption becomes more widespread.

Ensure that your smart lights, anti-theft monitors, and smart access household appliances abide by the latest Thread certification standards and remain compatible with contemporary IoT networks by undergoing meticulous tests conducted at any Thread certified GRL test lab.

Learn more about official Thread standards and certification testing for smart home IoT devices.


Test services for Zigbee compliance in smart homes

Zigbee stands as a globally adopted, open protocol characterized by its packet-based architecture. It sets the standard for user-friendly wireless networks that are at once secure, dependable, and energy efficient. Flexibility in the sensors, pump, and valves lets Zigbee empower equipment to function seamlessly regardless of their location. Because of Zigbee's modest chip and module implementation cost, it's often a popular choice among IoT application manufacturers that are looking to stay lean and adaptable.

Learn more about Zigbee test services at GRL.


Homologation and Market Access Services (MAS)

With evolving wireless IoT technology regulation comes added compliance complexity. Countries across the globe are looking to safeguard national interest and cybersecurity of their citizens by ensuring that wireless technology is deployed in a way that does not interfere with geographical restrictions nor compromise safety.

As such, in-country testing and type approvals based on existing regulatory requirements such as EU RED or FCC are being enforced more strictly. But fret not. Seamless entry into new markets is still possible with GRL’s team of experienced market access experts who have vast experience from widespread global presence, localized expertise, stringent testing, and internationally recognized market access certification services.

Learn more about Market Access Services for your target geographical region.


Gtrusted: Debug and troubleshoot with reliable wireless device reviews 

A GRL-owned interoperability database, is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics rating sites where everyday customers can obtain reliable reviews from one another. Listed products are sorted based on a proprietary algorithm that takes into account both GRL’s independent assessment of product compatibility and individual reviews. Having established relationships with hundreds of hardware companies worldwide, the site serves as a platform to alert developers of product issues and coordinate joint debugging and troubleshooting efforts whenever necessary.

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Keep up with ever-evolving ETSI EN 303 645 cybersecurity requirements

The proliferation of IoT wireless technology into every household will make cybersecurity threats more prevalent than ever. Thankfully, smart home implementation does not have to slow down with quality in-house cybersecurity test facilities available at GRL. 

With comprehensive vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, fuzzing and application security, our cybersecurity tests will thoroughly analyze your smart home IoT systems for vulnerability to ensure full compliance with ETSI EN 303 645, ITSARs under ComSec India, and other domestic and international requirements before they’ve even set foot in the consumer market.

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GRL wireless IoT test solutions

Test wireless charging capabilities with the GRL-C3 solution

Comply with Qi Base Station test requirements the smart way with GRL-WP-BST-C3, one of the world’s first Qi wireless charging compliance test solutions designed to support two configurations — Baseline Power Profile (BPP) up to 5W and Extended Power Profile (EPP) up to 15W. 

With a push of a button, wireless device developers can test their products across a full range of testing capabilities, including Qi, USB Power Delivery, and Qualcomm QuickChargeTM. The solution also provides automated oscilloscope measurements with the Tektronix DPO7000 and PicoScope 6403D, as well as manual mode support for equivalent oscilloscope models.

Check out all the key features of GRL-WP-BST-C3.


Access the official Thread IoT test harness

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In 2014, GRL was selected by the Thread Group to develop the official Thread test harness, an integrated software and hardware automation tool used to test the Thread protocol stack. Through close collaboration with UL and the Thread Technical Committee, GRL successfully incorporated the Thread IoT test harness into the Thread product certification program.

Founded by an industry alliance consisting of ARM, NXP Semiconductor, Nest, Samsung, and Silicon Labs, the Thread Group has grown rapidly since late 2014 and continues to provide reliable, cost-effective, and low-power IP-based communication for IoT applications.

November 2016 saw the release of Thread Group’s initial hardware reference test bed and test harness, as well as the opening of its test labs to members. That same year, the alliance established a new tier of sponsor-level membership, which consisted of ARM, NXP, and Silicon Labs. The first conforming stacks to successfully pass the Thread 1.1 technical specification testing was also released during the same period.

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