USB Official Compliance Testing & Logo Certification Programs

GRL is an Independent Test Lab (ITL) authorized by USB-IF that offers USB expertise and comprehensive testing, that includes USB4®, USB 3.2, USB 2.0, and USB Power Delivery on peripheral, host, hub, and charger…   

GRL offers deep USB expertise and works especially closely with the USB silicon ecosystem. Offerings include compliance,certification and debug.

Cables and Connectors (A, C) , Hosts, Host Silicon, Embedded Hosts, Peripherals ( Devices ), Hubs , Hub Silicon:

  • USB4 Electrical Compliance
  • USB 3.2 & 2.0 Electricals
  • USB 3.2 & 2.0 CV/Functional
  • USB 3.2 & 2.0 & Interoperability 
  • USB 3.2 Link Layer

USB Pre-Compliance test services are also available.

Power Delivery Products

  • Sources
  • Sink
  • DRP
  • E-marker Cables 

USB and Power Delivery Extended Interoperability Testing services are also offered.

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