Power Suite Pro (GRL-PSP)

Power Suite Pro (GRL-PSP)

Overview & Features

Powerful Multi-Function Testing Dashboard for Competitive Benchmarking, Best Practice Checks, Debug, and Interop Testing


  • Identify issues that could cause functional and interoperability failures or safety issues
  • Precisely control charging power and monitor device battery voltage/current
  • Plot FLIR thermal heat maps and device battery temperature
  • Control AC/DC power input conditions, monitor power consumption, and check DoE Level VI power efficiency compliance
  • USB PD device emulation for interoperability and stress testing
  • Benchmark results with other retail products through GTrusted.com


The GRL Power Suite Pro brings for the first time a complete suite of tests for users to functionally test their products with a focus on power and charging. Designed for any level user, the PSP is easy to use with a focus on getting testing done quickly using the PSP’s extensive automated tests. GRL’s powerful data engine runs in the background allowing for additional USB PD packet and signal analysis for expert users.

The PSP aggregates multiple data sources from GRL C2/F1 testers, FLIR cameras, power supplies, and PC’s/tablets/phones into a single easy to navigate plot or into a dashboard view. Reports can be saved/recalled in html and csv formats making it simple to view and share.

The PSP integrates with GTrusted.com, which allows for competitive benchmarking with other retail devices and emulation for interoperability testing. Users also gain interoperability test credits at a GRL test lab.

Key Features

  • Works with GRL Testers like C2 and F1 or as independent software
  • Integrate with multiple FLIR cameras for thermal image capture and live streaming
  • Connect to GW Instek power supply and monitoring equipment over LAN
  • Access and plot battery information on Android and Apple iPhone/iPad devices using GRL Battery Monitoring Apps
  • Use Chrome browser on Windows, OS X Mac, and Chrome based PC’s and tablets to monitor charge levels
  • Automated Over Current Protection, Power Efficiency, USB PD Sink Capabilities, Multi-Port Charging, Passthrough Hub, Cable E-Marker and IR Drop tests
  • Save, load, and compare past testing results to create multi-layered graphs to express correlation between battery, temperature, and charging information
  • Compare benchmarking data with other retail devices found on GTrusted.com
  • Playback any device’s ID, SVID, and Alt Mode declarations to emulate and debug real world device operation
  • Change packet timings and simulate repetitive connector attach/detach/flip scenarios to create stress tests
  • Emulate various retail USB PD device power and identification behavior

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GRL Power Suite Pro (GRL-PSP)
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