Thunderbolt Official Compliance Testing & Logo Certification Programs

GRL was the first certification lab in the world qualified by Intel Corp. We offer full testing services including Thunderbolt electrical validation test and functional validation test on system, dock, monitor…

GRL is the worldwide 1st Thunderbolt™ Certified Lab by Intel and Apple since 2012.  Thunderbolt 4 can tunnel DisplayPort, PCI Express, USB 3.2 with its transfer data rate up to 40Gbps (20Gbps x2) through USB-C with the PD capability.

Thunderbolt™ 4 Systems and Devices Compliance Test and debug.

Tests include the following:

  • Thunderbolt Transmitter & Receiver & Return Loss Electrical Test
  • USB 3.2 Electrical Test
  • DisplayPort Electrical Test
  • PCI Express Electrical Test
  • Thunderbolt Function Interoperability Test
    • For Thunderbolt Device Certification, it should get certified for both Windows and macOS at the same time.

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