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National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO) is a government agency that regulates and accredits certification processes in Brazil. Brazil adopted the INMETRO Decree 371 in 2011, which increased the certification standard for specific electrical and electronic household appliances to protect consumers and improve manufacturing. According to CONMETRO Resolution No. 4/02, the safety and EMC approval process must be carried out through INMETRO-accredited and approved product manufacturers
The certification organization defines the requirements for manufacturing inspections, laboratory testing, and documentation in accordance with Brazil ABNT standards. For wireless/telecom products ANATEL approval is required.

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Technical Information

  • Voltage and frequency: 127 V or 220 V, 60 Hz
  • Plug: C (Class I), N (Class I), ABNT NBR 14136



  • Requirements: Safety/ EMC/ Wireless, Mandatory for telecommunication products
  • Authority/Regulatory Body: Agencia National de Telecomunicacoes (ANATEL)
  • Marking of Certification Logo or Number Required
  • Validity Period of Certification: 1 year for Cat end user products, 2 years for Wireless products, 1 year for end user products that use public Telecommunication Network (example Mobile Phone) and 2 years for restrict Radiation equipment, undetermined for infrastructure equipment
  • End Product Testing Required When Using an Approved RF Module
  • RF Performance Testing Required
  • Additional information:  ANATEL selects samples based on specific criteria. It is necessary to provide information about the factory unit where the sample was selected, as well as traceability, before the tests begin. A sample sent for testing should have a label indicating the manufacturer (or brand), model name, country of origin, and traceability information.
Anatel Mark