China Market Access

Products listed in the CNCA catalog may not be manufactured, imported or sold without certificates issued by the authorized third-party certification body or without certification marks. Electrical and electronic standards are usually adopted from IEC standards with some Chinese deviations. The CNCA Implementation rules for compulsory certification of electrical and electronic products describe the certification process, requirements for certification, such as factory quality assurance requirements, and use of compulsory certification marks. For safety concerns, a CB test report is acceptable, but an EMC test must be performed by a laboratory accredited by CQC.

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Technical Information

  • Voltage and frequency: 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Plug: A (Class II), C (Class II), I (Class I), GB 1002, GB 1003

SRRC Approval (State Radio Regulatory Commission)

  • Requirements: Wireless, Mandatory
  • Authority/Regulatory Body: China State Radio Regulation Committee (SRRC), division of MIIT
  • Marking of Certification Logo or Number Required
  • Validity Period of Certification: New Application: 5 years with 3 years extension (limited to 1 extension ONLY)
  • Local representative required | Specific user manual required
  • End product testing dependent on device when using an approved RF module
  • RF performance testing required, in-country
SRRC Approval



Network Access License (NAL)

Network Access License (NAL)

  • Requirements: Safety/ EMC/ Wireless, Mandatory
  • The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) mandates to have 25 telecommunication product categories Network Access Licence (NAL)
  • The first three product categories requiring NAL were publicized in June 2001. In the meantime, there are around 25 product categories that include approximately 300 different kinds of telecommunication devices. The devices are further subdivided into two main groups: The basic and the high-end equipment.
  • No NAL license is possible without an existing SRRC certificate.


China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) mark

  • Requirements: Safety/ EMC/ Hazardous Substances, Mandatory
  • Validity period of certification: 5 years
  • Certification Organization China Quality Certification Center (CQC)
  • Safety: CB test report/certificates helps to reduce in country testing
  • EMC: Test report from CQC-accredited test laboratories based on in-country testing accepted
  • Additional Requirements: Initial and annual factory inspections
China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) mark