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Technical Information

  • Voltage and frequency: 220 V, 60 Hz
  • Plug: C (Class II), F (Class I), KSC83054


KC Mark

  • Requirements: Safety/EMC/Wireless/ RoHS, Mandatory
  • Certification Organization: Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL), Korea Testing Certification (KTC), KTR (Korea Testing & Research Institute), National Research Radio Agency (NRRA)
  • Validity Period of Certification: Safety: Up to 5 years or no expiration depending on product type. EMC: No expiration
  • Safety: CB test report/certificate accepted
  • EMC/Wireless: Test report from NRRA-accredited laboratories accepted
  • End Product Testing Required When Using an Approved RF Module?* Modular approval requirements vary depending on product type.
  • RF Performance Testing Requried (in-country testing) *This may vary based on product specification.
  • Additional Requirements: Initial and annual factory inspection, based on product type
KC Mark