Mexico Market Access

Electrical products listed in more than 2000 categories must comply with NOM standards and also meet mandatory energy efficiency requirements (LASE) before they can be imported and placed on the Mexican market. A mandatory NOM certificate of compliance is determined by the tariff code applied to the product. According to Mexican law, the holder of a NOM certificate is responsible for warranty, maintenance, and product liability. There is no transferability of NOM certificates.

Technical information icon

Technical Information

  • Voltage and frequency: 127 V, 60 Hz
  • Plug: A (Class II - NEMA 1-15), B (Class I - NEMA 5-15)


Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones

  • Requirements: Wireless, Mandatory
  • Authority/Regulatory Body: Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFETEL)
  • Marking of Certification Logo or Number Required
  • Validity Period of Certification: 1 year - after 1 year must upgrade to permanent approval (which requires local testing)| Specific User Manual Required
  • End Product Testing Required When Using an Approved RF Module?: No
  • RF Performance Testing Required?: Testing requirements vary depending on product type. *This may vary based on product specification
Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones
NOM Mark

NOM Mark

  • Requirements: Safety/Energy Efficiency, Mandatory
  • Validity Period of Certification: 1 year, needs to be renewed annually
  • Safety: NOM test report accepted
  • Additional Requirements: Market surveillance Local representative