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The “Internet of Things”, or “IoT”, continues to evolve as a fast-growing network of interfaces that allow devices to be sensed and/or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure. The IoT encompasses a diverse range of applications including smart grids, smart homes, intelligent transportation and smart cities. Multiple technical standards and organizations have emerged to facilitate interoperability across IoT networks.

GRL is a leading provider of Test Automation Solutions and Services that help IoT product developers unlock the potential of these technologies.

GRL IoT Test Solutions


Thread is a reliable, cost-effective, and low-power IP-based form of communication for IoT applications. Founding members of The Thread Group, the industry alliance chartered with guiding the widespread adoption of Thread, include ARM, NXP Semiconductor, Nest, Samsung, and Silicon Labs, among others. Since opening for membership in late 2014, Thread Group has grown quickly to include a large and diverse spectrum of organizations.

In 2014, the Thread Group selected  GRL to develop the official Thread test harness, an integrated software and hardware automation tool utilized by Thread product developers to test the Thread protocol stack (read the press release). GRL worked closely with UL and the Thread Technical Committee to incorporate the test harness into the Thread product certification program.

In November 2016, Thread Group announced the release of its initial hardware reference test bed and test harness, as well as the opening of its test lab to members (read the press release). The alliance also announced that sponsor-level members, ARM, NXP, and Silicon Labs, released the first conforming stacks that have successfully passed testing based on the Thread 1.1 technical specification.

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The Open Connectivity Foundation


The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) is a leading standards organization that sponsors and creates an open source project to make IoT interconnectivity possible.  In 2016 OCF selected GRL for quality assurance, functional development and maintenance on OCF IoTivity software products for IoTivity Specification 1.1 and beyond, including Static and Dynamic Analysis; and API, protocol, and interoperability testing.

Also in 2016, GRL along with Honeywell, Cisco, and others were announced as drivers of the OCF Automotive Project (read the press release).  The objective of this project is to provide the technology, standards and collaboration required to implement interoperability between automotive and other interfaces including consumer electronics, healthcare, home automation, industrial and wearables.

IoT Stress Testing, Production, and Customized Test Solutions

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GRL IoT Services

IoT Design Validation

GRL provides functional validation, interoperability, and debugging support for early IoT designs in all stages of development.


GRL runs, the world’s largest online interoperability database that provides consumers the opportunity to discover and share products trusted to work with each other. assigns “Trusted” ratings to products based on a proprietary algorithm weighted in part on GRL’s independent assessment of product compatibility. GRL has established relationships with hundreds of hardware companies throughout the world and facilitates joint debugging and troubleshooting if problems occur.

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