Cable & Connector

Led by a team of experts in cable and connector design, signal integrity, and failure analysis, GRL provides a full range of Cable and Connector tests and design consultation services addressing electrical, mechanical, and environmental testing and troubleshooting. Our state-of-the-art facilities feature the latest 400G-capable equipment and experts ready to help you ensure your cable and connector design and manufacturing success. GRL takes a leading role in enabling new and emerging technologies, and we help our customer's design products to meet these challenges.

GRL’s Cable & Connector Services include:

  1.  Official Certification
  2. Compliance/Conformance Testing
  3. Reliability and Failure Analysis (FA) Test Services and Consulting
  4. Cable Signal Integrity Design Consulting, Simulation, and Modeling


Official Certification

We offer Official Compliance Testing & Logo Certification for the following technologies:

  • USB Type-C®, HDMI™ 2.1 Ultra High-Speed Cable, HDMI Premium Cable, MFi Lightning, DisplayPort™
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  • Thunderbolt


Compliance/Conformance Testing 

We test and troubleshoot cable and connectors on ANY standard and ANY form factor including:

  • Proprietary interconnects
  • Passive and active cables
  • Full cable assemblies, raw/bulk cable, and connectors
  • Performance Benchmarking
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Reliability Signal Integrity, Reliability and Failure Analysis (FA) Test Services and Consulting

We offer a wide range of Reliability test services to simulate natural environments such as temperature, humidity, and vibration to help identify potential issues that could impair the overall quality or lead to a non-compliance issue with regulatory standards. We also offer Failure Analysis and design consulting to troubleshoot and fix Mechanical, Environmental, and Signal Integrity related issues.


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Cable Signal Integrity Design Consulting, Simulation and Modeling 

We provide a comprehensive set of services and deep domain expertise across a range of interfaces, disciplines, and test methodologies that focus on solving complex hardware design and validation challenges. Many of our independent services and capabilities are unique in the industry.

  • VNA & TDR Analysis
  • Design troubleshooting
  • Fixture Design & Validation
  • Fixture/connector de-embedding