Avnu Alliance Certification Testing

GRL is an Avnu approved and Recognized Test Facility offering testing for ProAV. We help you to test your product as a low-latency, time-synchronized, highly reliable synchronized networked device for pre compliance and final certification.

GRL offers professional Certification testing and expertise for Avnu Alliance Certification Testing. We will help your product to meet the requirements to conduct Avnu Certification Testing in accordance with Avnu Policies defined by the Avnu Certification Work Group.

To start your Avnu Alliance Certification Testing, you need to become an Avnu Alliance member. Avnu Alliance members include ethernet silicon suppliers, networking infrastructure space leading players, automotive industry, and prominent firms in audio-visual markets.

Avnu Alliance is focused on solving major technical and performance issues for the products like Switches, Bridge, End station used in ProAV, through Audio Video Bridging (AVB) and Time Synchronized Networking (TSN) standards. The issues such as:

  • Precise timing and real-time synchronization
  • Bandwidth reservation
  • Traffic shaping
  • High cost of ownership and long deployment and maintenance time


The testing for ProAV can be conducted at GRL Santa Clara Lab → AVNU Certification Process

Contact GRL for your AVNU certification and pre-certification testing or to find out how we can assist you.