USB Type-C® Power Delivery Performance Analyzer (GRL-USB-PD-A1-EPR)

Greater capacity for real time signal and protocol monitoring.

Overview & Features

The only USB analyzer you need to optimize USB Power Delivery performance for USB connectors and charging technologies over USB Type-C. 


GRL-A1-EPR Analyzer Overview

As USB Power Delivery charging rates grow in volume and complexity, analyzing and testing also becomes more time-consuming and labor intensive.

Enter the GRL-A1-EPR Analyzer. Designed to simplify analytics, GRL-A1-EPR has the capacity to analyze and monitor USB Power Delivery negotiations of up to 240W, as well as all other charging technology over USB Type-C.

Our versatile USB Power Delivery analyzer allows for easy monitoring of signal states and identification of protocol negotiation, giving users a fuller picture of power delivery protocols between sources and sinks. Experts can also look at detailed breakdowns of USB Power Delivery protocol communication to monitor, validate, and debug USB Type-C device charging through metrics such as VBUS voltage and current, CC/VCONN voltage and current, and Rd in real time.


Key USB power delivery analysis features

  • Supports 240W power delivery specification
    • On top of supporting power, protocol communication, and performance analysis for the latest USB power delivery specification of up to 240W,  GRL-A1-EPR is also backwards compatible with the legacy 100W power delivery specification.
  • Real time signal and protocol monitoring
    • Convenient monitor USB power delivery protocol and power trace of voltage and current for VBUS, CC, VCONN, and Rd terminations.
  • Easy trace filtering and offline viewing
    • Comprehensive packet filtering options for easy packet identification via long trace. Trace file can be saved and viewed off-line on the analyzer’s internal software.
  • Overcurrent checks and protections
    • GRL-A1-EPR checks for 20% more current than the upper limit of the USB power delivery specification.
    • The USB analyzer supports a max current of 6A, allowing for accurate validation of high powered products while monitoring overcurrent for power providers.
  • Alt-Mode analysis support
    • DisplayPort and Thunderbolt Alternate Mode (Alt-Mode) entry and exit can be easily checked alongside the power negotiation.
  • Wide range of charging analysis support
    • Supports charging analysis of different specifications for Qualcomm Quick Charge, Huawei Super Charge, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge, Mediatek Pump Express™, OnePlus Dash Charge, and more.
    • Can be used with all USB PD devices including cable and adapter E-Markers, chargers, mobile phones, PC’s, monitors, and more.
  • Intuitive interface
    • With a highly intuitive interface, users can conduct tests and capture the trace with just a few clicks. Advanced users can take advantage of more complex parameters to capture and analyze the trace in greater detail.

Options & Accessories

GRL-USB-PD-A1-EPR: USB Type-C® Power Delivery Performance Analyzer (HW+SW)

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Download & Purchase

Download and update the latest of USB Type-C® Power Delivery Performance Analyzer software: GRL-USB-PD-A1-EPR Software & User Documentation

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