Testing the Cars of Tomorrow

The Proliferation of Digital Technology Has Transformed the “Horseless Carriage” of Yesterday Into a “Supercomputer On Wheels”.

Modern autonomous cars support ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and rely on integrated ECUs to improve drivability and manage energy. Essential functions depend on the flawless, high-speed, low-latency exchange and processing of large volumes of data in near real time via in-vehicle
Ethernet (10BaseT1S/100BaseT1/ 1000BaseT1/Multi-Gigabit Ethernet). And Wireless charging (Qi), state-of-the-art dashboards and infotainment technologies (HDMI/DP) are becoming must-have features.
However, this progress has inevitably introduced more design complexity. Consequently, the automotive industry is facing immense challenges in designing, integrating, validating and releasing these complex technologies with best in class quality and reliability.
End-to-End Connectivity & ChargingTest Services and Solutions

End-to-End Connectivity & ChargingTest Services and Solutions

GRL’s End-to-End Connectivity & Charging Test Services and Solutions address design, validation, and testing requirements in Automotive Networking, Infotainment, Charging, and Power Management. We collaborate with IC vendors, Tier 1 suppliers, and standards bodies on the adoption of new technologies and integration of legacy technologies, including Automotive Ethernet, CAN/ CAN-FD displays, memory, and computing solutions for the next generation autonomous/connected cars.

Transforming the Transportation Experience

In-vehicle infotainment systems used to be independent. Today’s integrated designs display all kinds of information, and are also extremely useful for connecting to in-vehicle video cameras, display panels, smartphones and external systems
such as GNSS, 5G, radio / TV broadcasting, and the Internet. Passing traffic data from car navigation and external infrastructure is also becoming an important requirement. Naturally, this means that they have to meet a wide variety of communication standards.
GRL provides testing, validation and certification services for these communication standards, and offers test solutions (dedicated test equipment, production equipment, and software) to support engineers involved in the design and manufacture of reliable products.

The adoption of new technology in the automotive segment is picking up speed.

Test Solutions

Flexible, End-to-End Services and Solutions

USB Power Delivery Validation Tester
Power Suite Pro (GRL-PSP)
USB Power Delivery Validation Software
USB Power Delivery Monitor
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USB Power Delivery Tester for Mass Production
WPC- Qi Wireless Charge Tester
Cable/Connector SI Tester for Mass Production
GRL-USB3-PROTO USB 3.0 Performance & Protocol Stress Test Suite
USB Protocol Stress Test Software
GRL HDMI 2.0 and 1.4b Protocol Decode and Compliance Test Software (GRL-HDMI-DEC)-1
HDMI Protocol Decoding Software
DisplayPort™ 1.4 Multi-lane Protocol Decoding Software
GRL DisplayPort AUX Protocol Decode Software (GRL-DPAUX-DEC)
DisplayPort™ AUX Protocol Decoding Software
UHS-II Protocol Decode Software (GRL-UHSII-DEC)-1
UHS-II Protocol Decoding Software