By GRL Team on 2021. 05. 17

GRL Partners with HDMI® Association at the 6th South China (Humen) International Cable Exhibition

A few days ago, the 6th South China (Humen) International Wire & Cable Exhibition has successfully concluded at the Humen Convention and Exhibition Center in Dongguan. Technical Flow Information Technology Granite River Labs (GRL) parterned HDMI LA (HDMI® Licensing Administrator, Inc. ) for epidemic protection, actively preparing to provide HDMI® Adopters and visitors the latest and most complete specifications in the field and standard certification consulting.

GRL 攜手 HDMI 協會精彩亮相第六屆華南(虎門)國際線纜展1

GRL 攜手 HDMI 協會精彩亮相第六屆華南(虎門)國際線纜展2

This the first exhibition GRL participated in this year under the normalized form of epidemic prevention and control. There was a constant flow of people at the exhibition site. As a leader in the field of cable and connector testing, GRL made its debut with excellent technical capabilities and high-quality service. The GRL + HDMI LA booth attracted countless exhibitors. During the event, GRL staff communicated with patience and enthusiasm. Professional audiences and exhibitors on the venue showed great interest afterdiscussing the service capabilities of GRL.

GRL 攜手 HDMI 協會精彩亮相第六屆華南(虎門)國際線纜展3

GRL Dongguan is currently the only officially authorized laboratory in the mainland that can perform HDMI® 2.1 full product certification. It can provide comprehensive technical consultation for FRL Source, Sink, Repeaters, CEC 2.0, eARC and Active Cat 3 UHS HDMI Cable and Connector products.  The GRL professional team of technical experts and rich testing and certification capabilities are at the leading level in the industry, and are the trusted professional partners of the enterprise.

GRL 攜手 HDMI 協會精彩亮相第六屆華南(虎門)國際線纜展5

GRL 攜手 HDMI 協會精彩亮相第六屆華南(虎門)國際線纜展6

GRL 攜手 HDMI 協會精彩亮相第六屆華南(虎門)國際線纜展7

The HDMI Association also vigorously promoted the "Ultra High Speed ​​HDMI® Cable Certification Program" on the spot . All UHS ultra high speed HDMI® cables must pass the HDMI Authorized Test Centers (ATCs) for certification testing before they are sold in the market. In order to obtain the official certificate, the final manufacturer must affix the exclusive label of the UHS HDMI cable on the product packaging and the product . Consumers can scan the label through the HDMI Cable Certification application to allow consumers to identify the certification status of the product.

GRL 攜手 HDMI 協會精彩亮相第六屆華南(虎門)國際線纜展8

Outstanding manufacturers among HDMI adopters, Yongtai Electronics (JCE), Zhongshan Lijie, Zhongguang Video, Zehao, Zhenfu, Fangzhan, Puxuan, Zhansheng, and Uratec all demonstrated their passing associations at the exhibition site. With the authorized Ultra High Speed ​​Cable, most of the audience at the scene stopped to appreciate the high-quality products and exchanged technical opinions with each other.

GRL 攜手 HDMI 協會精彩亮相第六屆華南(虎門)國際線纜展9

In addition to service/product display, the exhibition also held a number of special seminars to enable industry professionals to fully grasp market trends, related technologies and market intelligence. The HDMI Association and GRL are honored to be invited to share [HDMI technology and market updates] & [HDMI® 2.1 active cable market trends and key certification difficulties] at the 2021 South China Cable Information Technology Summit Forum.

GRL 攜手 HDMI 協會精彩亮相第六屆華南(虎門)國際線纜展10

GRL 攜手 HDMI 協會精彩亮相第六屆華南(虎門)國際線纜展11

During the conference, Allen Chen, Technical Director of GRL, conducted a detailed analysis and explanation on the HDMI® 2.1 AOC market trend and the importance and change trend of related certifications. He introduced the advantages of GRL cable and connector services, and the on-site customer response was enthusiastic, and expressed unanimous praise for the content of the expert's speech.

GRL 攜手 HDMI 協會精彩亮相第六屆華南(虎門)國際線纜展12

During the three-day exhibition, GRL met with thousands of new and old customers. The audience expressed strong interest in GRL's service capabilities and one-stop solutions. The on-site receptionists had detailed exchanges with many industry experts , And achieved gratifying results. GRL has been deeply involved in the HDMI field for many years and has maintained a friendly relationship with the association. It is not only the officially authorized and designated HDMI Forum ATC and HDMI ATC, but also a certification test laboratory authorized by multiple international official organizations such as USB-IF, VESA Association, DCP, and SATA. . Thank you again for your support and cooperation. In the future, we will make persistent efforts to create brilliance together!

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Published by GRL Team May 17, 2021