By GRL Team on 2023. 01. 17

GRL Introduces Nova-S03 line of HDMI®, DisplayPort & DP Over USB-C® Sideband Emulators & Analyzers

Offering unrivaled power, performance and speed, the affordable single set up solution enables customers to test designs, check on interoperability, and perform pre-compliance and electrical compliance testing quickly and effectively.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 17, 2022 – Granite River Labs (GRL), a global leader in engineering services and test solutions for connectivity and charging technologies, and professional market access services has launched a new line of emulators and analyzers to help engineers address the complexities of sideband implementation. The Nova-S03 portfolio includes three dedicated solutions that support HDMI, DisplayPort and DP Over USB-C®. Designers can also purchase all three connectivity standards in a single multifunctional unit that maximizes return on investment and ease of use.

The new solution requires minimal training and testing takes only a few seconds. Detailed results are logged via software and can be easily recalled for analysis. The unobtrusive units occupy minimal desk space, allowing engineers to run long-duration tests with ease.

The easy-to-use software enriches the user experience. An open API enables engineers to write their own control software in C# and Python. Built-in Ethernet control makes integration with production lines quick and easy.

The HDMI sideband emulator supports HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.x TMDS and HDMI 2.x FRL. The DP sideband emulator covers the DP 1.4 and DP 2.x sideband specifications, along with aux communication emulation and EDID. The DP Over USB-C® sideband emulator supports aux communication, SBU lane, and DP alternate mode, and can also show link capability and status, and run as a PD and SBU line sniffer.

The Nova-S03 all-in-one sideband emulator combines HDMI, DisplayPort and DP Over USB-C® functionality into a single unit that offers unmatched scalability. Using the same familiar user interface enables customers to improve the productivity of the design validation process by ensuring fast, repeatable testing. It delivers outstanding R.O.I. by eliminating the need for different sideband emulators to implement, test, and verify each technology.

“The new sideband emulators and analyzers represent a major addition to GRL’s portfolio of world class, user-friendly protocol and power solutions,” said Rajaraman. V, GRL’s Executive Vice President for Power and Protocol Solutions. “Nova-S03 offers unrivaled power, performance, and speed in an affordable, single set up solution, making it ideal for customers using multiple sideband technologies to test their designs, check on interoperability, and perform pre-compliance and electrical compliance testing.” 


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Published by GRL Team January 17, 2023