GRL Nova-S03: Sideband Emulator & Analyzer for HDMI®, DisplayPort & DP Over USB-C®

Perform Electrical Compliance with Confidence.

Overview & Features

3-in-1 solution for electrical compliance and interoperability testing

Nova-S03 is GRL’s HDMI, DisplayPort, and DP Over USB-C® side band emulator solution designed for engineers with demanding side band test requirements. An all-in-one solution, the Nova-S03 design validation tool makes it easy for engineers to test HDMI, DisplayPort, and DP Over USB-C electrical compliance and sideband signals without toggling between multiple instruments. 

Key Features

  • Nova-S03 (GRL-EMU-ALL) consists of GRL-EMU-HDMI, GRL-EMU-DP, and GRL-EMU-DPC. The sideband feature support is as follows: 
    • HDMI sideband features supported by GRL-EMU-HDMI:
      • HDMI 1.4 (TMDS), HDMI 2.x (TMDS) and HDMI 2.x (FRL) sideband specifications. 
      • HDMI DDC sink emulation.
      • HDMI source DDC data reading
      • STD: E-DDC, E-EDID, DisplayID, CEA-861-D
      • Responds to EDID data request within a few microseconds
      • Supports on-demand setting for EDID/SCDCS/FRL reg data
      • Data sequence transaction logging
      • API support for test customization
      • Single box sideband solution for HDMI test Id 7-3 and 7-25.
    • DisplayPort sideband features supported by GRL-EMU-DP:
      • DP 1.4 and DP 2.x sideband specifications. 
      • Aux communication emulation
      • Support for on-demand setting for EDID/DPCD reg. data
      • Link capability & status
      • EDID support
      • Sink events notification
    • DP Over USB-C sideband features supported by GRL-EMU-DPC:
      • USB-C sideband specifications
      • Aux communication emulation
      • Aux data transaction logging
      • SBU lane emulation
      • Link capability & status
      • PD communication handling
      • PD custom VDM message handling
      • PD sniffer
      • SBU line sniffer
      • DP ALT mode emulation
  • API Support
    • Open API enables customized control with customers' own software: C#, NI Test stand, and Python.
  • User-friendly and requires minimal training
    • Easy to operate and understand test status without different app learning.
    • Testing for less than a few seconds for a single setup. 
    • Easy to recall analysis based on detailed test results.
  • An all-in-one, comprehensive solution
    • Space-effective solution allows the user to run long-duration tests with ease
    • Easy automation combined with embedded Ethernet control and APIs
    • Cost-effective and powerful thanks to multi technology capability

Option & Accessories

GRL-EMU-ALL: GRL Sideband Emulator with support for HDMI, DisplayPort and USB Side Band Emulator and Analyzer (includes GRL-EMU-HDMI, GRL-EMU-DP and GRL-EMU-DPC)

GRL-EMU-HDMI: GRL Sideband Emulator with support for HDMI DDC, EDID, SCDC Emulator and Analyzer including support for FRL

GRL-EMU-DP: GRL Sideband Emulator with support for DisplayPort Aux Emulator and Analyzer

GRL-EMU-DPC: GRL Sideband Emulator with support for DP Over USB-C sideband Emulator and Analyzer

Contact GRL to receive an official quote. Factory calibration available on request.

Demo & Training

Contact GRL to request a personalized demo of HDMI, DisplayPort and DP Over USB-C Sideband Emulator and Analyzer (GRL-EMU-ALL)

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