By GRL Team on 2018. 12. 13

GRL Announces Performance Testing Software for USB Power Delivery

Granite River Labs (GRL) announced the launch of its USB Power Application, the world’s first automated performance benchmark testing software for USB Power Delivery (USB PD) devices.

Working with partners across the USB ecosystem, GRL has developed an easy-to-use software that runs on GRL hardware test platforms like the GRL-USB-PD-C2 for USB PD compliance certification, the GRL-USB-PD-F1 for functional validation, and the GRL-USB-PD-M1 for production testing.  The USB Power App complements GRL’s existing compliance and production test software, allowing easy emulation and control of USB PD Source and Sink behavior, and creating performance benchmarking tests for all types of USB PD products using GRL-USB-PD-C2 and GRL-USB-PD-F1 controllers.  GRL’s software can be downloaded at no charge at .

The GRL USB Power App allows users to easily create custom USB PD Source and Sink profiles and control real-time power behavior to emulate any USB PD functionally.  Users can create their own database of saved USB PD Source emulation profiles, view live USB PD protocol and power traces, and save HTML reports.  The GRL USB Power App also has ready-made performance benchmarking tests for chargers, power banks, phones, tablets, notebook PC’s, pass-through USB PD hubs, docks, monitors, and cables.  Multiple USB PD ports can be emulated at the same time to test products with multiple USB Type-CTM/PD ports. These components allow users to test their products quickly and with ease.

“USB Power Delivery has achieved wide adoption across many products taking advantage of the USB Type-CTM interface,” said Johnson Tan, GRL co-Founder and CEO.  “The USB Power App fills a void where both brands and factories need an easy way to understand a charger’s OCP and IV curve design, characterize a new phone’s USB power behavior, verify a USB PD hub’s true pass-through capabilities, check a USB Type-CTM cable’s e-marker and IR drop, etc.”

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Published by GRL Team December 13, 2018