By GRL Team on 2024. 03. 27

GRL Releases M1 Automation Software for USB PD Dual Role Power (GRL-V-DPWR) and Data Loopback Volume Tester (GRL-V-UP)

Designed to enhance the USB Power Delivery Dual Role Power and Data testing capabilities of the GRL-V-DPWR and GRL-V-UP

Granite River Labs (“GRL”), a global leader in test and certification services and automated test solutions for digital connectivity and charging technologies, has extended its USB Power Delivery (USB PD) coverage and capability offerings with the M1 Automation Software for USB PD Dual Role Power (GRL-V-DPWR) and Data Loopback Volume Tester (GRL-V-UP).

Running the M1 software on GRL-V-DPWR or GRL-V-UP allows engineers to create highly customizable test cases with intuitive visual scripting instead of going through tedious programming automation. When combined with the M1, these solutions can support even higher volume manufacturing/production floor testing as well as rapid functional verification testing at R&D.

Announced in 2021, the USB PD Revision 3.1 specification represents a significant advancement in connectivity standards, delivering an unprecedented 240W of power over fully featured USB Type-C® cables and connectors. Previous iterations of USB PD were constrained to 100W, relying on a solution based on 20V through USB Type-C cables rated at 5A. With the 2.1 release of the USB Type-C specification, the 240W standard and USB PD protocol has now been expanded to encompass more applications that were previously limited to 100W.

“GRL is proud to provide this solution to the USB developer community, underlining our continued support for the USB Power Delivery ecosystem,” said Swee Guan Chua, Senior Director - EV Solutions and High-volume Solutions of GRL Penang. “GRL’s M1 Automation Software equips engineers with the essential tools for accurate, comprehensive, and efficient testing.”


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Published by GRL Team March 27, 2024