Automated Modular Qi2 Wireless Charging Test Solution (GRL-C3-MP-TPR)

GRL-C3-MP-TPR_Automated Modular Qi2 Wireless Charging Test Solution_Granite River Labs Solutions

Overview & Features

  • An affordable solution for OEMs looking for a swift yet reliable way to test their wireless charging products in preparation for market launch.
  • Comprehensive, all-in-one logs that include information on voltage, current, power, temperature, and protocol in a single file.
  • Modular design that enables easy upgrade as Qi wireless technology continues to develop rapidly. 


As Qi2 wireless charging standards shape and evolve, OEMs and developers of wireless charging devices must grapple with challenges of validating and certifying their products according to the latest standards while defraying testing cost. The prevailing Qi2 standard is built upon a series of magnets that have been standardized in terms of strength, size, and dimension. Known as the Magnetic Power Profile (MPP), these magnets are designed to maximize charge transfer by securing the device and charger in optimal positions.

GRL-C3-MP-TPR enables OEMs and developers to keep up with ever-changing wireless charging standards without compromising on quality, convenience, or data security. Go beyond mere compliance with GRL-C3-MP-TPR, the solution that supports the latest Qi version 2.0.

Key Features 

  • Fully automated compliance testing and debugging: Solution comes with an intuitive interface for rapid debugging within the Exerciser mode and in-built algorithms to facilitate automated compliance testing.

  • Modular design for easy upgrade: WPC standards and the wireless charging market are rapidly evolving, with multiple updates expected over the next few years. Using GRL-C3-MP-TPR’s modular design, OEMs and developers can keep up with the latest wireless charging standards through quick, affordable upgrades.

  • Affordable and accessible test solution for wireless OEMs and developers: Both the GRL-C3-MP-TPR solution and accompanying calibration test services are designed with affordability in mind, allowing wireless charging products to be tested for performance and compliance without excessive overhead cost.

  • Unique protocol and trace viewer: A powerful, comprehensive protocol and trace viewer that allows you to view all test information including protocol, voltage, current, and measurement results in a single window. In addition, collaborate seamlessly with your team through free offline viewing.

  • Offline JSON report analyzer,  Authentication Validator for data security: Keep proprietary data secured safely within your organization with an offline JSON viewer, Authentication Validator that can be accessed at no additional subscription cost. 

  • Trusted 3rd party calibration: GRL-C3-MP-TPR is one of the few Qi wireless charging test solutions that come with 3rd party calibration service. 

Options & Accessories

  • GRL-C3-MPP-TXT: GRL Qi 2.0 MPP TPR Transmitter Compliance Tester
  • GRL-C3-BPP-TXT: GRL Qi 2.0 / Qi 1.3.3 BPP TPR Transmitter Compliance Tester
  • GRL-C3-EPP-TXT: GRL Qi 2.0 / Qi 1.3.3 EPP TPR Transmitter Compliance Tester


Further modular upgrades are in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

Contact GRL for details on when upgrade options will be made available.

Download & Purchase

Click here to download the data sheet of GRL WPC Qi Wireless Charging Base Station Tester (GRL-C3-MP-TPR).

Contact GRL to request a demo of GRL WPC Qi Wireless Charging Base Station Tester (GRL-C3-MP-TPR).

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