By GRL Team on 2014. 01. 21

Granite River Labs Announces Industry’s First Software to Decode DisplayPort 1.2 Traffic in Real Time (GRL-DP-DEC)

GRL’s solution compatible with Agilent’s state-of-the-art Infiniium real-time Oscilloscopes (GRL-DP-DEC)

Granite River Labs (GRL), a DisplayPort (DP) Authorized Test Center and a leading contributor to DisplayPort 1.2 compliance test development, today announced availability of the industry’s first software that allows developers to conduct oscilloscope-based DP Link Layer/protocol analysis as well as debug DisplayPort 1.2 PHY and Link on a real-time scope. Developed in cooperation with Agilent Technologies and a leading GPU vendor, GRL’s GRL-DP-DEC DisplayPort 1.2 Multi-lane Protocol Decode Software is compatible with Agilent Infiniium Series Oscilloscopes and is the only tool available to overcome the limitations of using a traditional oscilloscope by viewing packets at the protocol level.  GRL-DP-DEC helps developers shorten debug cycles and accelerate time-to-market by eliminating errors in early designs.

DisplayPort is a digital display interface governed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) that delivers the industry’s premium audio-visual experience. Multi-Stream Transport (MST) is an exciting DP feature that allows streaming of independent video displays from a single desktop or notebook video output.  Implementing MST presents design challenges both at the electrical and protocol level with strict timing, budget and bandwidth requirements. GRL’s DP 1.2 Decode Software immediately overcomes these challenges by providing time-correlated views to quickly troubleshoot DP 1.2 protocol problems back to their timing or signal integrity root cause.

“We are pleased to partner with Granite River Labs such that together we can deliver total solutions to the market,” said Caren Johnson, Agilent Technologies High Performance Oscilloscope Marketing Manager.  “Like Agilent, GRL has much expertise and their DisplayPort decode solution is a very strong complement to the Agilent compliance application.”

“DisplayPort is a constantly evolving standard. Version 1.2 now implements the highest data rate of any video interface standard—21.6Gbps—and it now includes advanced features, like multi-streaming. This new data rate supports 4K video at 60Hz with up to 30-bit color depth,” explained VESA Executive Director Bill Lempesis. “DisplayPort1.2 certification now requires enhanced testing protocols, and GRL and Agilent have been proactive in meeting this need on behalf of the global DisplayPort eco-system.”

”GRL is proud to offer this this solution to the DisplayPort community in partnership with Agilent, and add to our list of contributions to the DisplayPort ecosystem,” said Mike Engbretson, GRL chief technology engineer. “Our DisplayPort Scope Protocol Decode software provides engineers a valuable new tool in their arsenal to efficiently debug and validate early DisplayPort designs.”

Key features of the GRL-DP-DEC DisplayPort 1.2 Protocol Decode Application:

  • Leverages Oscilloscope used in physical layer testing for protocol analysis and debug
  • Supports Multi-stream Transport (MST)
  • Provides detailed insight into main link transactions
  • Provides correlation between Protocol and Physical layer
  • Enables Oscilloscope to be used as a reference Sink to test DP transmission

The GRL GRL-DP-DEC DisplayPort 1.2 Multi-lane Protocol Decode Software for Agilent Infiniium Series Oscilloscopes can be ordered now, with discounts available for larger orders.  More information about GRL’s GRL-DP-DEC Scope Protocol Decode Software is available at protocol & power test solutions.
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Published by GRL Team January 21, 2014