By GRL Team on 2023. 04. 04

GRL boosts compliance and testing at Karlsruhe lab

European lab now helps customers address challenges throughout the entire development process – from early designs to final end-product and aftermarket consultancy

Granite River Labs (GRL), a global leader in engineering services, test automation solutions for digital connectivity and charging technologies, and professional market access services, has extended the range of compliance and testing services at its facility in Karlsruhe, Germany to help customers address challenges throughout the entire development process.

In addition to providing official standards certification, the lab’s broad portfolio now includes pre-certification compliance, characterization and validation services across a broad spectrum of technology domains. GRL helps manufacturers to understand and validate their implementations of popular and widely used USB standards

The services also allow customers to check for conformance with IEC 62680-1-2, IEC 62680-1-3 and IEC 63002 standards which are essential for products using USB Type-C® and USB Power Delivery. By 2024 the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) will require wireless devices with USB ports to comply with these standards in order to carry the CE mark and access European Union markets.

In line with IEC 61784-3, GRL can evaluate functional safety parameters for electronic products equipped with USB power delivery ports rated at 100W and above. GRL also offers Global Market Access services for IT/Telecom and consumer electronic devices.

Located in southern Germany, the Karlsruhe lab is ideally placed to support the needs of a variety of industries, including automotive players implementing solutions based on the latest infotainment systems standards, which require the USB-IF certification. GRL’s German lab can now also support chipset designers and silicon providers to test their implementations for USB-IF certification.

Positioning a respected, experienced and approved test laboratory in the heart of Europe offers significant advantages. These range from eliminating customs problems and time zone issues, to making it easy for customers to attend in-lab testing and debugging and failure analysis.

Customers can also access GRL’s global testing network, which includes authorized labs that offer extensive certification and pre-certification tests for technologies such as Qi, PCI Express®, HDMI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt™, DDR memory testing, MIPI and Apple® MFi programs. GRL was one of the first labs approved by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (the Alliance) to provide compliance testing services for the Matter 1.0 standard, which is used to connect smart home solutions, from speakers and smart TVs to light bulbs and switches. GRL also verifies the software used in Matter devices.

According to Kristof Mommen, Vice President of Business Development for GRL, consulting with a single, trusted partner enables customers to address challenges throughout the entire development process – from early designs to final end-product and aftermarket consultancy – which improves time-to-market and reduces the risk of costly and time-consuming redesigns.

“Compliance testing shows manufacturers that their implementation conforms to technology specifications. In addition, end-users also need to be certain that any device they buy will interoperate smoothly with other products on the market,” said Mommen. “GRL addresses that challenge by enabling customers to test their implementations against a wide variety of different products using different designs, chipsets and operating systems. So they can benchmark their own offerings and ensure interoperability.”

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Published by GRL Team April 4, 2023