By GRL Team on 2024. 01. 16

GRL India launches TEC - designated lab to provide mandatory testing services for Telecom products

Handling testing-related activities from start to finish enables GRL to streamline the certification process and helps manufacturers to get products to market faster.

Granite River Labs (GRL), a global leader in engineering services, test automation solutions for digital connectivity and charging technologies, and professional market access services, has launched a new lab to help customers meet the strict technical standards for Telecom products aimed at the Indian market.

The lab is one of the very few to be recognized by India’s Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) as a Certification Accreditation Body (CAB) authorized to provide services under the Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE) scheme. GRL now offers testing services in accordance with the MTCTE’s Essential Requirements (ER), including optical, interface and security testing services according to ITSARs under NCCS ComSec Scheme. In addition to above the lab is also accredited by NABL according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

In a massive and technically challenging market like India, ensuring that telecom products meet the TEC's stringent technical requirements is critical for manufacturers. As an industry regulator, the TEC relies on test reports generated by CABs to issue certificates for telecom products manufactured locally or imported from overseas. With the announcement of phase V there are 51 product categories which are about 200+ various products comes under this regulation.

“GRL has always had expertise and experience. With this new fully-equipped lab, we are in an even better position to help customers address the essential TEC/MTCTE requirements as many of these requirements are specific to India not under any other regulatory regime elsewhere globally,” said Kalyan Varma, Vice President of Market Access Services, Global and General Manager, GRL Services India. “GRL can streamline the certification process and enable manufacturers to get revenue generating products into the Indian market faster but also into global markets." Said Holger Kunz, President Worldwide services.


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Published by GRL Team January 16, 2024