By GRL Team on 2024. 02. 05

WPC Approves GRL’s Compliance Certification Tool for Qi2 Wireless Charging

The solution’s timely endorsement allows OEMs and developers to test and certify Qi2 portable chargers and smartphones within the rapidly growing wireless charging market.

Granite River Labs (GRL), a global leader in engineering services and test automation solutions for digital connectivity, charging technologies, and professional market access services, has received approval from the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for its Qi2 Wireless Charging Transmitter Tester (GRL-C3-MP-TPR) and Receiver Tester (GRL-C3-MP-TPT), making the solution an official compliance tool for Qi Magnetic Power Profile (MPP) v2.0.1 specification.

Developed by WPC, the Qi wireless charging standard is rapidly proliferating among portable chargers, smartphones, and other electronic devices globally, especially after the release of the MPP-powered Qi v2.0 standard in January 2023. Qi v2.0 seeks to unify the wireless charging industry under one global standard, eliminating consumer confusion and enabling greater device interoperability. Qi2-labeled devices feature MPP technology which aligns devices and chargers perfectly for improved energy efficiency, faster charging with an increased power of 15W, and easier usability.

The GRL-C3 Qi2 offers a comprehensive compliance testing solution designed to help Qi2 product developers address compliance testing and debugging needs without compromising on quality, convenience, or data security. GRL’s solution includes a protocol trace viewer, offline authentication analyzer, and JSON report viewer.  

At least five major Qi wireless charging standards have been released since 2010, with many minor revisions in between. The GRL-C3 Qi2 modular design allows users to keep up with ever-advancing Qi standards through affordable upgrades instead of purchasing a new tool. 

“We are pleased to have had a close working relationship with GRL during the development phase of the GRL-C3 Qi2 tester,” said Fred Jarrar, Vice President and General Manager of indie Semiconductor’s Power Business Unit. “Our collaboration helped indie accelerate the development and validation of both our Qi2 wireless charging transmitter solution as well as GRL’s Qi2 tester platform.”

"GRL’s latest MPP compliance solution is a welcome addition to the WPC ecosystem and will provide manufacturers with yet another reliable option for Qi wireless charging compliance testing,” said WPC Executive Director Paul Struhsaker. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with GRL and look forward to witnessing the positive growth that this solution will bring to the global electronics market.”

“Our newly approved solution elevates the efficiency of Qi wireless charging compliance testing and represents a modern addition to the broader wireless charging ecosystem,” said Vamshi Kandalla, GRL Chief Strategy Officer.  “We look forward to working with Qi product developers to navigate the ever-evolving R&D, design, and compliance testing landscape with requisite agility and data security.”

“We are proud to support wireless charging product developers with fully-automated test solutions formulated by expert engineers who understand Qi test requirements and design challenges inside-out,” said Rajaraman Venkatachalam, GRL Executive Vice President of Protocol and Power Solutions. “In line with GRL’s vision of enabling manufacturers to go beyond compliance and design the best products possible, we’ve incorporated a cost-effective calibration model to reduce the cost of ownership for our users.”


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Published by GRL Team February 5, 2024