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New SandForce Trusted Program Accelerates Time-to-Market for SandForce Driven SSD Manufacturers and System OEMs

SandForce®Inc.,thepioneerofSSD(SolidStateDrive)Processors that enable standard NAND flash deployment in enterprise, client, and industrial computing applications, today launched the SandForce TrustedTM program. The new program highlights companies that provide equipment, tools, and services compatible with SandForce SSD Processors, and enables SSD manufacturers and system OEMs to receive first class service and support when developing SandForce-based solutions, further accelerating overall SSD market adoption.

“We know that time-to-market is critical in the fast-moving computing world, especially in the quickly expanding SSD market. That is why we created this highly organized ‘Approved Vendor List’ to enable our customers to get the highest level of support during their product design and production phases,” said Kent Smith, Senior Director of Product Marketing for SandForce. “Building on the overwhelming success of the SandForce DrivenTM program that easily identifies SandForce-based solutions to end users, this new program identifies companies that are dedicated to supporting the successful and rapid proliferation of SandForce products and technology market-wide.”

Seven prominent SandForce Trusted charter members include companies that provide premier products and services in their respective fields of expertise. The companies initially participating are:

• Calypso Systems • Granite River Labs • LeCroy • OakGate Technology • Serial Cables • SerialTek • ULINK Technology

691 S. Milpitas Blvd., Suite 100 ● Milpitas, CA 95035-5476 ● Phone: 408.372.9000 ● Fax: 408.372.9001 www.sandforce.comEach member ensures that their products and/or services fully support SandForce SSD Processors and provides response to SandForce customer inquiries within 24 hours while committing to high-priority support for fastest problem resolution. A new SandForce Trusted logo easily identifies program members in their advertising and promotional materials. More information about the SandForce Trusted program can be found at

Charter Members Accelerate SandForce-based SSD Market Adoption

“Calypso continues to support the development and deployment of solid state storage solutions to the computer mass storage market. Calypso test equipment and test services fully embrace and support SandForce SSD technologies and products. Calypso remains committed to providing integration and support of SandForce technologies in Calypso test products and actively supports the SandForce Trusted program.”

Eden Kim, CEO of Calypso Systems

Granite River Labs (GRL) is proud to be a trusted SandForce source for SATA and SAS compliance testing, which is key to increasing confidence that SSD solutions from SandForce Driven members and their OEM customers are robust and interoperable with existing products. The serious approach to product testing and certification taken by SandForce demonstrates their commitment to enable best-in-class SSDs. SandForce Driven members receive priority ‘red carpet’ treatment at GRL’s labs.” Quintin Anderson, Co-founder and COO of Granite River Labs

“LeCroy is pleased to participate in the SandForce Trusted program. LeCroy’s industry leading position, roadmap, and portfolio of SATA and SAS Protocol Analysis, Emulation, Error Injection, and Compliance/Verification test tools fits well with SandForce industry leading products and market strategy for the SSD market, in addition to their ability to provide advanced technology solutions and support to a growing global community of SSD developers and manufacturers.”

Joe Mendolia, VP of Marketing of LeCroy Protocol Solutions Group

“OakGate Technology values the relationship with SandForce who has established itself as a true industry leader. The benefits to each company are tremendous as we both strive to provide products

691 S. Milpitas Blvd., Suite 100 ● Milpitas, CA 95035-5476 ● Phone: 408.372.9000 ● Fax: 408.372.9001

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with industry leading performance, quality, and reliability. OakGate has the performance and stress tools to really help ensure the position of SandForce as the premier SSD technology provider.” Bob Weisickle, CEO and Founder of OakGate Technology

“Serial Cables is very excited to move forward as a charter member of the SandForce Trusted program. Serial Cables offers a wide variety of high speed cables, PCB adapters, custom test fixtures, and test equipment for the mass storage industry. We feel our strong support program and product offerings will strengthen the current SandForce product lines and offer a more cohesive and complete line of products, sales, and support for SandForce customers worldwide.”

Justin Mutschler, Director of Sales of Serial Cables

“SerialTek is looking forward to expanding our relationship with SandForce and its SSD manufacturer and system OEM customer base. Programs like the SandForce Trusted program show our mutual dedication to creating better products and improving the fast expanding SSD market. We are happy to be associated with SandForce and proud to provide the tools needed to enable engineers to deliver robust products. With SerialTek’s SAS and SATA protocol test tools, customers can expect to receive high-end support and commitment.”

Dale Smith, President/CTO of SerialTek

About SandForce

SandForce is transforming data storage by pioneering the use of standard flash memory in enterprise, client, and industrial computing applications with its innovative SSD (Solid State Drive) Processors. By delivering unprecedented reliability, performance, and energy efficiency, SSDs based on patent-pending SandForce DuraClass technology unleash the full potential for mass-market adoption of SSDs using NAND flash memory. Founded in 2006, SandForce is funded by leading venture capital investors and first tier storage companies. For more information, visit SandForce at

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Published by GRL Team January 31, 2011