By GRL Team on 2018. 12. 04

GRL and Xentris Wireless Announce Lab Partnership for Mobile Peripherals Testing

Granite River Labs (GRL), a global leader in engineering services and test solutions for connectivity, and Xentris Wireless, a leader in high quality, innovative wireless accessories, today announced a strategic partnership to deploy GRL’s test capabilities into Xentris Wireless’s R&D and production locations as a “GRL Extension Lab.”

Through this first-of-its-kind extension lab partnership, Xentris Wireless leverages GRL’s expertise, test methodologies and test equipment in their facilities, which ensures high quality products can be designed and manufactured with the shortest time to market.  Under this model, Xentris Wireless utilizes GRL’s USB Power Delivery test automation solutions including C2 (compliance), F1 (functional performance), and M1 (production testing) throughout its organization, all fully integrated with Xentris Wireless’s design and manufacturing flow.  This partnership model enables Xentris Wireless to quickly deliver more products that not only meet the compliance requirements from the USB Implementers Forum, and Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ programs, but also superior interoperability, safety, and functional performance.

“GRL has worked closely with Xentris Wireless on an innovative model to bring high-quality, chargers and cables to the entire mobile industry in high volume,” said Johnson Tan, GRL co-Founder and CEO.  “By providing thorough test coverage at each stage from IC selection to mass production, this program provides Xentris Wireless with unique capability to rapidly fix issues during development and ensure that every shipped unit has been properly tested. We are proud to have implemented this special Extension Lab program at Xentris Wireless.”

“With mobile peripheral technologies rapidly advancing, Xentris Wireless has partnered with GRL to develop and adopt state of the art charger and cable testing methods to address increased test complexity,” said Terrell Morrow, VP of Product Development at Xentris Wireless. “The Extension Lab Partnership allows Xentris Wireless to cost-effectively automate standards and industry testing requirements while achieving our product design, quality and production goals without compromises.”

About Xentris Wireless

Xentris Wireless is a leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality, innovative wireless accessories supplying a full line of products to a wide range of customers and top wireless companies – including the largest wireless carriers, retailers and dealer agents. With nearly 30 years of experience, Xentris Wireless continues to provide exceptional product, sales, logistics and marketing solutions to the ever-changing wireless industry with proven success and continued commitment.

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Published by GRL Team December 4, 2018