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GRL Significantly Adds to its USB Power Delivery and USB Type-C® Test Solution Lineup Allowing Complete Customizable Test Coverage

Granite River Labs (GRL) a global leader in engineering services and test solutions for connectivity, today announces the release of two new USB Power Delivery (USB PD) test solutions: the GRL USB Power Performance Tester (GRL-USB-PD-F1) and the GRL Intelligent USB Power Automated Test Equipment (GRL-USB-PD-M1). Last month GRL also announced that the USB Power Delivery and USB Type-C® Tester and Analyzer (GRL-USB-PD-C2) was approved by the USB-IF to support the Deterministic USB PD Compliance MOI. The GRL-USB-PD-C2 supports both the USB PD 3.0 Compliance Plan and USB PD 2.0 Compliance Plan’s Communications Engine and Deterministic MOI’s.  GRL now offers a complete end-to-end framework to ensure high quality USB products from early stage development to high volume production.

The GRL-USB-PD-F1 combines USB Power Delivery protocol aware intelligence with powerful 100 watts electronic loading or supply and convenience electrical performance measurement all in a single compact enclosure.  The GRL-USB-PD-F1 has two USB Type-C® ports that can perform USB PD negotiation and provide or load power based on the resulting USB PD contract right out of the box.  USB PD protocol negotiation, power, and test parameters can also be easily customized through the software GUI, scriptable C# or Python API’s.  Users can also operate the GRL-USB-PD-F1 to conveniently emulate the behavior of USB PD sources and sinks.

The base GRL-USB-PD-F1 model is optimized for bench use but GRL also offers the GRL-USB-PD-F1R model, which is rack mountable.

The GRL-USB-PD-M1 is an intelligent scalable ATE for testing USB PD products in high volume for proper USB PD communication and power.  This all-in-one USB PD test solution eliminates the need for separate USB PD devices, scopes, digital multimeters, e-loads, power supplies, and other test equipment.  The GRL-USB-PD-M1 can support 4 and 8 USB Type-C port configurations for quick and easy parallel testing of USB PD devices on the production floor.

“At Xentris Wireless, we design and manufacture USB Power Delivery solutions of the highest caliber. For us, quality matters above all else and guarantee that every product has been manufactured and assembled with the highest degree of safety. Utilizing GRL’s USB Power Delivery test solutions, we have implemented a robust and complete quality assurance system to ensure compliance, interoperability and reliability,” said Terrell Morrow, Vice President of Product Development at Xentris Wireless.

“Testing solution providers like GRL give the industry at large the right tools to design compliant USB products,” said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President and COO. “It is important for companies to invest the time and resources to build compliant devices and submit them for USB-IF certification to ensure interoperability and consumer satisfaction.”

“We are very pleased to see our latest generation USB PD compliance test solution officially approved for the major USB PD 3.0 and 2.0 compliance test items,” said Johnson Tan, GRL Co-Founder and CEO. “Our USB PD compliance tester has successfully undergone extensive correlation and validation with USB-IF to achieve this status.  Customers can take advantage of a deep debug and compliance testing automation of the GRL-USB-PD-C2 while providing affordable test coverage with the GRL-USB-PD-F1 and factory oriented GRL-USB-PD-M1.”

Key features of GRL USB Power Performance Tester (GRL-USB-PD-F1):

  • Functionally exercise all USB PD PDO’s supported by device being tested
  • Tests for overshoot, undershoot, over current protection, short circuit, and ripple
  • Support 2 ports for simultaneous testing
  • Enable you to create your own test cases using programmable APIs
  • Protocol, messaging, and power behavior all programmable with C#

Key features of GRL Intelligent USB Power ATE (GRL-USB-PD-M1):

  • All-in-one compact rack
  • Support up to 8 ports simultaneous testing
  • Integrated DC/AC Power supply, Remote controlling Power supply to auto adjust supply voltage (DC/AC)
  • Extender cable hot swappable for shorter downtime to replace faulty USB Type-C cable
  • Supports any power cable USB PD device including wall chargers, car chargers, battery packs, notebook PC’s, docks, monitors, etc.
  • Tests for overshoot, undershoot, over current protection, short circuit, ripple, and power efficiency
  • Comprehensive Reporting of each test
  • Data Comparison


GRL-USB-PD-C2, GRL-USB-PD-F1 and GRL-USB-PD-M1 can be ordered now, with discounts available for larger orders. Contact Granite River Labs: Contact Granite River Labs:

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Published by GRL Team August 9, 2018