Ethernet Compliance Testing

GRL offers Ethernet 10M, 100M, 1000M tests for the Host, Hub, Switch, and Router. We can help you commit to your product’s performance through Ethernet compliance testing.

GRL offers deep expertise addressing PHY layer conformance for Networking & Backplane Technologies. Offerings include standard compliance and debug.

Electrical and Optical characterization of IEEE 802.3 and OIF-CEI Networking & Backplane Standards up to 400G, including 56/112Gb/s PAM4, Base-CX/KR/KX, and XAUI/CAUI/CAUI4/CDAUI/200GAUI-4 and 400GAUI-8; 10GBASE-T; CEI 25G/56G; and Infiniband.:


  •  PHY Conformance
  • Characterization for SERDES/IC
  • Hosts
  • Backplanes
  • Network Adapters