Comply confidently with new automotive connectivity standards

By collaborating closely with leading vendors, suppliers, and official standards bodies, GRL’s lab experts understand the rigorous requirements of today’s car connectivity solutions. Our automotive specialists continue to help HW developers deploy automotive applications such as sensors, power management, in-vehicle infotainment, networking and safety features, and more

Official Certification for conformance, interoperability, and troubleshooting for car connectivity technologies

Official certification, interoperability testing, and troubleshooting services for all your automotive ethernet testing needs:

  • USB, USB Type-C®
  • Networking – GigE over Plastic Optical Fiber (GEPOF), 10/100/1000 Automotive Ethernet
  • Display/infotainment – MIPI, DisplayPort, embedded DP, HDMI
  • Power and Charging – USB Power Delivery, Qualcomm QuickChargeTM 5, Qi Wireless

Our automotive services & solutions include:

  • Official Certification, Conformance, Interoperability and troubleshooting (see below)
  • Characterization of embedded microcontrollers, transceivers, and other components and subsystems
  • Passive & Active Cables, Optical components, and interconnects SI validation and design consulting
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting services for complex systems or components
  • Custom Test Methodology and compliance programs
  • Custom Test Automation Solutions
  • Signal and Power Integrity Test and Consulting

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An overview of Automotive Ethernet 

1000BASE-T1: The latest Ethernet version

From infotainment systems, automated driving, and big data supported IoT devices, electrical automotives have the potential to revolutionize the way we move. The latest version of the Ethernet, 1000BASE-T1 (802.3bp), requires only one pair of UTP cables to reach a data rate of 100Mpbs/1000mpbs. 

Combined with low latency and high bandwidth capacity, car Ethernet makes it possible for automated vehicle functions to operate safely and reliably. However, car Ethernet technologies are still new and require extensive testing to fulfill market legislation requirements across various countries and regions worldwide.

A one-stop-shop for all car Ethernet testing services

Vendors can test and certify a wide range of automotive components at any GRL test facility. Through our collaborations with industry officials, our lab technicians have the expertise to guide you towards fulfilling certification requirements for Ethernet, USB, USB4™, USB Type-C®, Apple MFi, Thunderbolt, Qi Wireless Charging, HDMI®, DisplayPort, e-DisplayPort™, and IoT — Open Alliance and OCF.

Customizable automotive testing services

To ensure that cars can operate smoothly under all environmental circumstances, GRL labs conduct electrical, mechanical, and environmental tests under a wide range of complex conditions. By accounting for factors such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and signal interferences, vendors can test automotives against the elements before moving them out to market.

Automotive Ethernet test offerings

GRL currently provides the following test offerings for Automotive Ethernet:

Automotive In-Vehicle Networking (IVN) testing

  • 10BASE-T1S Ethernet
  • 100/1000BASE-T1 Ethernet
  • NGBASE-T1 Ethernet (Multi-Gigabit)
    • Over copper
    • Over fibre, GEPOF conformance testing
  • CAN/CAN-FD/LIN (via partners)
  • SerDes testing and validation (Connectivity, storage, and display)
    • PCIe Gen1-5 pre-certification
    • DisplayPort compliance
    • HDMI compliance
    • MIPI conformance
    • SATA/SAS compliance
    • USB 3.2 Gen1/2 certification


Automotive charging solutions and services

  • USB-PD test certification
  • USB-PD validation Tester (USB-IF approved)
  • WPC-Qi test certification
  • WPC-Qi Validation Tester (WPC approved)


Modular tests based on OPEN Alliance Spec (PMA, PCS, IOPT, and more)

  • 10BASE-T1S
  • 100BASE-T1
  • 1000BASE-T1
  • 2500BASE-T1
  • 5000BASE-T1
  • 10000BASE-T1

Automotive Ethernet FAQ

1. Why is charging testing and certification required?

Aside from meeting the requirements to enter new markets, getting certified can also help differentiate your automotive products in a market where consumers are looking out for personal transport options that bring new experiences while remaining safe.

2. Why choose GRL for automotive testing?

Our wide range of testing services allows you to not only save money and expedite certification paperwork, but also greatly reduces the time required to push your automotive out to market.