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CSA Matter 1.1 Update — What’s New for Smart Home Devices?

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What the Matter 1.1 update means for developers & Manufacturers

On May 18, 2023, the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) announced the Matter 1.1 update to the open-source smart home standard. The Matter version brings a host of improvements that will streamline the design process for device manufacturers and developers by introducing more ways for them to receive enhanced support when testing and debugging battery-operated Intermittently Connected Devices (ICDs).

A key objective of Matter 1.1 is to simplify platform adoption for device makers and developers. The updates introduced in this version provide comprehensive tools and resources, reducing the barrier to entry for manufacturers who are new to Matter, thereby expediting the journey from development to market availability. This accelerated certification process will reduce product launch cycles and provide consumers with a wider range of Matter-compatible options to choose from.


How Matter 1.1 will impact the smart home ecosystem

The ICDs supported by Matter 1.1 primarily operate on intermittent connectivity and are reliant on batteries. Products that fall under this category include motion sensors, light sensors, and even door locks. They also typically exhibit features such as entering sleep mode when not in use for the purposes of power conservation. 

Improvements from Matter 1.0

Under the previous Matter 1.0, ICDs faced challenges in maintaining seamless connectivity and integration within smart home environments. However, Matter 1.1 addresses this issue by introducing backend adjustments that minimize the likelihood of these devices appearing offline in the user-facing interfaces of smart home systems.

This can be clearly witnessed in Matter 1.1’s improved compatibility with ICDs. For example, sleep mode within door locks was not optimally supported under Matter 1.0, leading to potentially connectivity disruptions, inconvenience, and even safety risks for users. Adjustments made under Matter 1.1 addressed this by securely integrating door locks and other ICD devices into the user-facing aspects of smart home systems. As a result, users can now enjoy reliable and uninterrupted experiences where their smart home devices will respond promptly and consistently as expected.


Upgrading Matter 1.0 certification to Matter 1.1

Manufacturers who have already obtained Matter 1.0 certification should note that a recertification process will be required to upgrade to Matter 1.1. The good news is that manufacturers can take advantage of the “Rapid Recert Program” offered by CSA if no new features have been added to their devices. By undergoing the recertification program, manufacturers can keep their Matter ecosystem compatible devices on the market while saving on time and resources. In addition, manufacturers can benefit from the latest updates and features without unnecessary delays.

Matter 1.1 and the Rapid Recert Program further underscores CSA’s commitment to supporting the advancement of smart homes by providing efficient and flexible certification processes for device manufacturers. With a simplified adoption process and streamlined certification, Matter 1.1 paves the way for device makers and developers to enter, keep up with, and navigate the world of connected homes. Expanded support for ICDs, including battery-operated devices and door locks, strengthens overall scope and reliability of the Matter ecosystem. Further advancements in Matter 1.1 will continue to grow alongside the smart home industry’s evolution, and unlock new opportunities for heightened live-in experiences worldwide.


Keep up with Matter and the latest smart home technology standards

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Published by GRL Team August 10, 2023