By GRL Team on 2014. 08. 14

GRL Introduces the Industry’s First UHS-II Protocol Card & Host Tester (GRL-UHSII-EMU)

Combined hardware and software test platform provides a self-verification environment for UHS-II Card & Host developers

Granite River Labs (GRL), a leading contributor to UHS-II testing and guidelines development for the SD memory card ecosystem, today announced the availability of the industry’s first UHS-II Protocol Card Tester & Host Emulator (GRL-UHSII-EMU) that allows for test and debug of UHS-II protocol in real-time. Developed in cooperation with Tokyo Electron Device (TED), the GRL-UHSII-EMU is the only tool that tests conformance with SD Association UHS-II Protocol Test Guideline version 1.0 at the click of a button.

GRL-UHSII-EMU offers UHS-II Card and Host developers a highly configurable self-verification environment for stress testing and validation based on a combined hardware and software test platform that covers key items defined in the SD Association’s UHS-II Protocol Test Specification. The SD Association is a global ecosystem of companies setting industry-leading, interoperable SD memory card standards. The SD standard has earned more than 80 percent of the memory card market with its reliable interoperability and easy-to-use format.

“The advanced UHS-II Protocol Card Tester & Host Emulator tool validates the reliability of UHS-II Cards through easy to understand pass/fail test results, making it the tool of choice for developers who are looking for a powerful self-verification solution capable of discovering true UHS-II Card design performance,” said Miki Takahashi, Director of Signal Integrity Engineering at Granite River Labs.

Key Features

  • Conforms to SD Specifications Part 1 Physical Layer Version 4.20, UHS-I Addendum Version 1.02 and Part 1 UHS-II Protocol Test Guideline version 1.0
  • Covers over 70 UHS-II protocol tests: TG1. Test System Features, TG2. LINK Layer, TG3. CM-TRAN Layer, TG4. SD-TRAN Specification and TG5. 2L-HD Mode
  • Uses SD Host 4.10 Standard Register Sets that allow any UHS-II SD commands with any argument to be issued by SW control
  • Allows for configurable error insertion into UHS-II SD Host commands
  • Executes tests in sequential or random order
  • Validates cards for longer time periods with continuous mode
  • Logs data up to 256K memory depth for easy debugging
  • Supports Range A and Range B speed tests and power saving mode tests
  • Controls and configures full and half duplex modes with fast and low power modes
  • Calculates data rate transfer and throughput using card data transfer from 1MB to 1GB
  • Supports automated report generation – PDF, CSV, and TX

GRL’s UHS-II Protocol Card Tester & Host Emulator (GRL-UHSII-EMU) can be ordered now. The GRL-UHSII-EMU is compatible with GRL’s SD UHS-II Interposer (GRL-UHSII-TPA), sold separately. GRL’s UHS-II interposer board allows you to capture serial data waveforms on the SD UHS-II bus.

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Published by GRL Team August 14, 2014