By GRL Team on 2022. 08. 30

GRL and FuturePlus Systems Partner to Offer DDR Memory Test Services Worldwide

GRL has expanded the range of DDR and LPDDR memory test services available in its seven laboratories around the world through its partnership with FuturePlus. 

Granite River Labs (GRL), a global leader in engineering services and test automation solutions for digital connectivity, and FuturePlus Systems, LLC, a leading Double Data Rate (DDR) memory debug and validation tool vendor have announced a joint effort to expand the availability of DDR memory test services. The collaboration leverages the expertise of both companies in providing world-class test and measurement services to companies using DDR and Low-Power Double Data Rate (LPDDR) memory in a wide range of products, from servers to embedded computer systems.

DDR memory plays a critical role in a wide range of electronics applications. As DDR standards developed by the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (JEDEC) have evolved to latest-generation DDR5 and LPDDR5, the complexity has increased significantly. Designers and system integrators need help to ensure that the DRAM part retains state and does not lose data. Many end users of DDR memory have seen significant problems as memory errors can be transient, hard to track, and near impossible to narrow down. FuturePlus Systems has over 30 years’ experience helping to solve DDR and LPDDR memory challenges.

In partnership with FuturePlus, GRL has expanded the DDR and LPDDR memory test services offered in their seven worldwide labs. The new services offered in GRL’s labs include memory channel validation, embedded memory (“memory down”) testing, row hammer event testing, and DIMM and SO-DIMM failure analysis, as well as memory analysis for high performance applications including margin testing, command bus utilization, power management, data bus utilization, and bank group analysis. These new services complement GRL’s capabilities and deep expertise in DDR and LPDDR signal quality compliance testing and memory bus signal integrity validation.

“DDR memory and LPDDR memory is ubiquitous in today’s electronic systems,” said Barbara Aichinger, Vice President of New Product Development, FuturePlus Systems. “We look forward to integrating our deep DDR memory expertise with Granite River Labs’ expertise and global footprint.”

"Computer memory is central to cloud computing and is extensively used in embedded and automotive applications, critical infrastructure, and consumer electronics,” said Miki Takahashi, Executive Vice President of GRL. “We are pleased to work with FuturePlus to provide world-class measurement and testing services. With this partnership, we will be able to combine FuturePlus' expertise with our own extensive technical capabilities in support of DDR and LPDDR memory."

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About FuturePlus Systems, LLC
FuturePlus Systems, LLC designs, manufactures, provides, and markets tools and services for the computer design industry. Its products and services help design and test engineers ensure that their products conform to industry standards. In particular, FuturePlus Systems, LLC focuses on computer bus standards such as DDR Memory, Low Power DDR Memory, and DisplayPort.


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Published by GRL Team August 30, 2022