By GRL Team on 2017. 11. 22

GRL Launches to Help Consumers Navigate the Holiday Season by Gadget Matching and Technology Education

Granite River Labs (GRL), a global leader in compliance and interoperability testing for new connectivity technologies, today announced release of, the first website dedicated to helping consumers navigate the increasing number of electronic gadgets in their lives and figuring out how they should work together.

Electronic devices have gone through a revolution, becoming more compact and specialized, but also more reliant on each other to perform specific tasks well.  The technologies for how devices communicate with each other have also gotten a lot more complex as these devices have become more intelligent.

The result is a large range of new powerful connectivity technologies which can also present a challenge for consumers tying to figure out what products to buy that work well with their phone or notebook computer. helps consumers by taking all that complexity away, and making simple recommendations on what products and peripherals can be used together based on interoperability testing results. is able to understand the relationships between products and people, in order to drive insightful and personalized product recommendations.

“Interface technologies like Bluetooth, HDMI, Thunderbolt™, and USB-C™ have become very advanced at the same time consumers are faced with a large number of product ecosystems driven by Amazon, Apple, Google, Intel, Samsung, etc.” said Johnson Tan, GRL CEO.  “With GTrusted’s interoperability database and recommendation platform, GRL aims to make it easier for consumers to buy products through simple recommendations and instruct how to use these technologies.” has also partnered with Moshi, a premium electronics accessories brand, to create content like 5 Things Everyone Should Know About USB-C, USB Type C Power Delivery Explained, and The Evolution of USB to help educate consumers on USB-C technology.  Given USB-C™ ports can significantly vary in behavior from device to device, helps link peripherals from companies like Moshi to USB-C™ enabled phones, tablets, and laptops that can make the best use of that peripheral.

“We noticed that while USB-C is showing up in more devices, people do not understand what it does,” said Spencer Pangborn, Director of Marketing at Moshi. “Working together with Granite River Labs and their GTrusted platform, we created three short videos that quickly highlight the essentials users need to know about USB-C.”

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Published by GRL Team November 22, 2017