By GRL Team on 2023. 05. 23

GRL releases all-in-one, integrated solution for WPC Qi2 wireless charging compliance testing

The upgradeable solution provides a trusted and affordable way for developers to collaborate with secured data while keeping up with developments in C3-MPP.

Granite River Labs (“GRL”), a global leader in test and certification services and automated test solutions for digital connectivity and charging technologies, has extended its wireless charging coverage and capability offerings with the GRL WPC Qi2 Wireless Charging Transmitter Tester (GRL-C3-MP-TPR).

The new GRL-C3-MP-TPR is an all-in-one solution, designed to make Qi testing more accessible by providing developers with a safe, secured, and reliable way to tackle unique challenges in testing, debugging, and designing Qi2 wireless charging products. 

Qi2 is a new wireless charging standard formulated by the WPC that is set to replace the previous Qi Version 1.3.3 standard. Qi2 is expected to make wireless charging safer, more reliable, and also viable on a wider range of irregular surfaces that were not conducive for wireless charging before. Built on an infrastructure that magnetically secures devices and chargers in optimal positions, the Qi2 standard is expected to unify the wireless charging ecosystem under the same umbrella and provide greater guarantees for consumer safety.  

Wireless charging standards are expected to evolve rapidly as the global market grows. According to WPC forecasts, over one billion transmitters and receivers are expected to be sold worldwide in 2023. The GRL-C3-MP-TPR was hence made with a modular design so that developers can affordably upgrade to the latest standards as they arise.

A built-in Authentication Validator helps you to solve the new authentication feature of Qi2 standard. In addition, a comprehensive protocol & trace viewer allows developers to access test information such as protocols, voltage, current, power, and temperature securely, all without the need for online subscriptions. This design decision was made to ensure that proprietary data remains protected within the company even amidst the current digital climate. 

“GRL is proud to be part of the latest innovations within the growing Wireless Charging Qi ecosystem. Our automated solutions tap on the latest technology to provide customer convenience while remaining digitally secure and user-friendly,” said Vamshi Kandalla, GRL’s Chief Strategy Officer.  “Qi developers can rely on GRL’s expertise in wireless charging to release reliable and robust wireless charging products efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Published by GRL Team May 23, 2023