By GRL Team on 2019. 09. 09

GRL Approved as Wireless Power Consortium Qi ATL

Full test service portfolio for Qi compliance testing

Granite River Labs (GRL), a global leader in engineering services and test solutions for connectivity and charging, today announced their approval by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) as an Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL) for the Qi wireless charging standard.  GRL now offers Qi compliance testing services in its Santa Clara, California facility – the only QI ATL in Silicon Valley.  Developers supporting Qi can expect a full suite of pre-compliance, certification testing and debugging services for their wireless power products, including mobile phones and wireless phone chargers.

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the world’s de facto wireless charging standard for providing 5-15 watts of power to small personal electronics. Though primarily used to charge smartphones, the standard can also apply and easily be used to provide power for a growing number of consumer devices. With more than 3,700 Qi-Certified products on the market today, Qi delivers a positive and safe wireless charging experience. The WPC and its 650+ member companies are committed to continuing to grow this market by delivering differentiated and affordable products.  Only Qi-Certified products are allowed to carry the Qi logo.

GRL’s Qi services currently support the WPC’s “Qi Wireless Power Transfer System”, with Base Power Profile (BPP) up to 5W, using WPC-validated test equipment and following mandated product certification procedures.

“We are extremely pleased to support Qi compliance as an Authorized Test Lab,” said Johnson Tan, GRL co-Founder and CEO.  “GRL is proud to extend to the WPC our efforts to provide leading-edge engineering services for compliance, validation, and debugging.  GRL’s Qi test services support rapid adoption of wireless charging technologies as they continue to evolve.”

“Qi technology is successfully demonstrating safety, compatibility and efficiency in the fast-changing wireless power market,” said Vamshi Kandalla, GRL Executive Vice President and General Manager.  “GRL’s services will help Qi adopters release robust wireless charging products with confidence.”

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Published by GRL Team September 9, 2019