By GRL Team on 2020. 08. 19

GRL is Approved for Thunderbolt 4 product certification

Granite River Labs (GRL) Taipei and Shanghai laboratories announced that they are approved for official Thunderbolt™4 Host and Device product certification. GRL will provide all Thunderbolt™4 product developers with a full range of certification, pre-testing and debugging services.

Thunderbolt™ 4 technology is built on the innovation of Thunderbolt™ 3 which simplifies user experience by connecting all interfaces with one cable. The interface of Thunderbolt™4 is widely used and has a high transmission rate. The connector adopts USB Type-C® specification, which can reach 40Gbps image data transmission rate and power supply. Its most unique advantage is integrating most industry technologies such as USB4®, DisplayPort and PCI Express® (PCIe) into the new Thunderbolt™ 4 specification, and is backward compatible with existing Thunderbolt3 and USB products.

In the Thunderbolt™4 test specification, various products need to verify the signal integrity (EV) and product compatibility (FV), and the test specification is more rigorous than previous technologies. In terms of function, Thunderbolt™ 4 also introduces the most advanced technology, such as the requirement to support two 4K or one 8K displays, 32Gbps PCIe access speed to reach 3,000 MBps, and Dock products can support up to 4 Thunderbolt™ 4 ports.  PC products must support at least one charging port, etc. (Notebook series products need to support charging capacity below 100 watts). GRL has worked in the field of high-speed signals for many years and has worked closely with many chip vendors and system companies to help customers quickly debug and pass certification to bring products to the market.

"We are very happy to extend our services to the Thunderbolt™ industry," said GRL CEO Chen Jiaxun. "In order to provide customers with more diversified testing services, we use GRL's technical expertise in Thunderbolt, USB, PCI Express and DisplayPort to provide a set of Complete Thunderbolt 4 product certification and testing services and solutions, and look forward to providing customers in the ecosystem with more convenient services and specialized technical support."

"The mandatory Thunderbolt™ certification is to allow users to achieve a consistent customer experience when using computers, peripherals and even accessories." Jason Ziller, General Manager of Intel Client Connectivity Department said: "GRL is committed to Thunderbolt™ certification testing. In 2010, we received reliable and complete testing service. Looking ahead to 2020, we believe that more Thunderbolt™ 4 applications will come out, and look to GRL to continue to provide high-quality and innovative services.”

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Published by GRL Team August 19, 2020