By GRL Team on 2019. 10. 25

GRL will debut PCI Express® 5.0 Test Suite in the 2019 PCI-SIG®APAC Developers Conference

Granite River Labs (GRL) will demonstrate their latest test solution for PCI Express® 5.0 Receiver Testing with the Anritsu MP1900A BERT at the 2019 PCI-SIG® APAC Annual Developers Conference (PCI-SIG® DevCons)held October 28-29 in Taipei.

The PCI Express® 5.0 automated test software newly developed by GRL provides a simple user interface that can automatically perform complex PCIe tests. The software runs on Windows 7 or higher oscilloscopes or any PC OS, and reduces equipment calibration and testing time. GRL's automation software can automatically enter LLTSM traning into loopback mode to simplify the test steps.

GRL's PCI Express automation software will be paired with Anritsu's MP1900A high-performance Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) to showcase the advanced PCI Express 5.0 technology. This measuring instrument supports a new crosstalk test and multi-channel scalability, enabling the signal to be presented with high quality.

"As a PCI-SIG member, GRL has contributed to the development of PCI Express technology," said Al Yanes, Chairman and President of PCI-SIG. "GRL's receiver test solutions leverage the PCIe 3.0, PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 5.0 specifications, which help diversify the PCI Express ecosystem by attaining applicability within an increasing range of platforms.".

GRL CEO Chen Jiaxun is honored to share: "The PCI Express 5.0 specification has a new generation of waveform acquisition, analysis, and parameter settings. The new technology also increases the complexity of testing. GRL provides customers with the most complete and professional services, and develop user-friendly solutions. By assisting in the development of early products and continuously verifying new connection technologies, customers can easily adopt PCIe 5.0 technology."

"As a global leader in test solutions, Anritsu has an obligation to assist the association and help advance the PCIe technology," Chen Yihua, General Manager of Anritsu Taiwan, said: We can provide MP1900A to PCI-SIG as a PCIe 5.0 test solution. We are very proud of this. An excellent example to efficiently measure the performance of next-generation products by using top-notch test instruments developed by Anritsu."

Main advantages of automation software:

  • Automated calibration of signal impairments to achieve stressed Receiver Eye Height and Eye Width, in accordance with PCIe 5.0 Base Specification
  • Uses Industry Standard tools Seasim and Beta SigTest for Stressed Signal Calibration Automated Receiver Compliance and Jitter Tolerance and Marging testing
  • Using spec-defined or user-defined Jitter Frequency steps
  • Performs Receiver test in single Software Framework Simple setup, test execution, and reporting in PDF files
  • Fully configurable and customizable

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Published by GRL Team October 25, 2019