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[Physical Seminar] High-speed interface technology and design development


High-speed Interface Technology and Design Development

Communication Components Magazine (2CM) | GRL | Keysight | Simutech
Date: September 22, 2022, 1 PM to 4.30PM, CST 
Format: Physical
Language: Chinese
Location: NTUH International Convention Center, Hall 301, Taiwan
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Data centers and high-performance computing are driving exponential growth in digital data volumes and accelerating the standardization of high-speed interfaces. Several factors are driving this development, including 5G mobile communication, high-definition audio and video, and 4K8K high-definition audio and video. Signal interference, transmission loss, and circuit board layout and cable design are all challenges associated with high-speed signal transmission. High-speed signals can be strengthened by systematic integration design to overcome problems such as interference, attenuation, and crosstalk. Circuit boards, cables, and connectors must be matched for high-speed transmission. A malfunction in one part of the system will negatively affect the overall performance.  

This event invites interface-related industry players to share the latest high-speed interface technology progress and application design strategies, as well as how to use simulation and measurement tools to ensure signal integrity on the chip, printed circuit board, end system, and even cable levels. All electronic product developers will benefit from this practical new knowledge.

Who should attend:

  • Electronic product developers
  • Interface technology enthusiasts



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