By GRL Team on 2014. 07. 22

Granite River Labs Partners with TSMC on the Foundry Industry’s First Third-Party IP Core Test Chip Validation Program

Granite River Labs Inc. (GRL), a leading provider of engineering services and test solutions for high speed interfaces, today announced it has partnered with leading semiconductor foundry TSMC to create the foundry industry’s first intellectual property (IP) core test validation program that verifies third-party IP based on test results during the test-chip stage. This new approach offers chip developers confidence in integrating IP in SoCs, and significant reductions in debug and potential re-spin time without the use of the actual silicon as an IP validation platform. IP core results validated in this manner can be viewed on TSMC Online as part of the TSMC 9000 IP Validation Center Program.

As a result of this joint collaboration, the TSMC 9000 IP Validation processes and checklists can now be run by GRL in their worldwide test labs. This broad availability of test engineers and equipment is an example of the leading level of support that TSMC and GRL offer to the TSMC Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) ecosystem.

“With SoC complexity increasing, developers are looking for ways to lower the design challenges involved with integrating third-party IP,” said Suk Lee, TSMC senior director, design infrastructure marketing division. “By partnering with Granite River Labs on a test-chip-stage IP core validation program, we can assure our customers that these IP can be used with high confidence in the TSMC manufacturing process.”

The TSMC 9000 IP Validation Center program is a physical test facility staffed by TSMC personnel to audit IP silicon test performance and IP partners’ documents. As a result, SoC customers are able to focus on expediting their product development instead of spending overhead to qualify IP.

“Partnering with TSMC on test-chip-stage IP validation allows us to deliver third-party IP test results that will give SoC developers a high level of confidence on the design quality of the IP and an accelerated path to SoC design success,” said Johnson Tan, co-founder and chief executive officer, Granite River Labs. “Offering early testing that goes beyond compliance checklist-based requirements will help SoC developers identify and choose high-quality, silicon-proven IP that is backed by actual test results and ready for implementation in TSMC’s leading process technologies.”

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Published by GRL Team July 22, 2014