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GTrusted- The Industry’s Connectivity Database



Specification (spec) compliance is an important element in getting devices to work well together.  Just as critical, interoperability testing with a large diverse set of devices is needed since there is a wide range of device behaviors and spec adherence that affect the user experience.

In the past, interoperability testing was done blindly with different devices purchased from retail without a true understanding of the appropriate interaction and functional behavior.  Just because you see a green checkmark doesn’t mean that your product worked properly with another device.

The user experience depends not only proper interaction between devices but base technology capabilities of those devices.  Often these capabilities are not reported to the user but are critical to the user getting the desired performance outcome.  Unfortunately a lot of unverified capability information is put on the Internet and users must rely on hearsay and guesswork.

To clear all this fog of uncertainty, Granite River Labs (GRL) has expanded its GTrusted database capabilities to create truth through testing.  GTrusted incorporates a standardized framework for anyone to consistently determine proper device behavior based on technology capabilities and environmental factors.  Software automation allows side by side benchmarking comparisons and new visualization techniques make it easier to gain insights as to what’s actually going on.  No more guesswork.

Through ongoing testing on retail devices using GRL testers, GTrusted serves as the Industry’s Connectivity Database service that anyone can use.  Device capabilities and interactions are continually captured, processed, and organized, and packages for easy consumption by both general users and technology professionals. Subscribe to our Make Me Smarter Guides which uses these GTrusted analytical and visualization tools to keep up to date on connectivity technology insights.

GRL offers the following GTrusted based services:

  • Intelligently customized extended interoperability testing with results judged for extent of deviation from proper behavior.
  • GTrusted database provides instant access thousands of hours of high quality, consistent, and structured test data to benchmark performance and develop smart test plans.
  • Company and industry auditing to evaluate brand and technology performance, compliance, and interoperability health.
  • Promote products online by linking to high quality content based on real test data.

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Published by GRL Team March 3, 2021