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GRL now an Official USB 3.0 Lab

August 28th, 2013 by Admin GRL

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Granite River Labs is now authorized by the USB-IF to certify USB 3.0 Devices.
In addition to official certification testing, GRL offers USB 3.0 developers a wide range of Services, Solutions, and expertise to solve tough Signal Integrity and compliance challenges:

  • Pre-certification and Debugging on early designs
  • Stress Testing and Characterization from the IC/SERDES to System level
  • USB 3.0 Protocol Test Solutions for Randomized Testing, Directed Test Assertions, and Test Case Development.

For USB 3.0 and 2.0 inquiries and testing submissions, contact Vamshi Kandalla, GRL VP/GM.

GRL’s Test Solutions accelerate time to market
GRL develops state-of-the-art Software and FPGA-based Test Solutions to address electrical, protocol, and system-level validation challenges. GRL’s Test Solutions leverage our deep expertise in testing high speed digital connectivity technologies, engagement in technical standards development, and close collaboration with leading Test Equipment vendors.
GRL’s Test Solutions include:

  • Electrical & Protocol Compliance Test Automation
  • Scope-based Protocol Decode Tools
  • Protocol Validation Suites
  • Test Automation Integration & Test Method Development Services

GRL’s Test Solutions development is led by industry veteran Rajaraman Venkatachalam.

Contact us to learn more.

GRL Electrical Test Solutions features:

  • Leverage Existing Electrical Test Hardware
  • Easy Integration with Hardware and Apps from Any Vendor
  • Execute Complex Test Methodologies with a Push of a Button
  • Easy Test Results Sharing & Reporting, and DUT Control
  • Custom Test Solutions for Development & Manufacturing

GRL Protocol Test Solutions features:

  • Simultaneously View Electrical and Protocol Data
  • Leverage Existing Protocol Test Hardware
  • Increase Test Coverage Beyond Compliance
  • Improve Product Robustness through Stress/Error Injection
  • Optimized Interface Compliance Automation Framework

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Published by GRL Team August 28, 2013