By GRL Team on 2023. 09. 15

GRL Dongguan Approved for Listing on USB4® Electrical Testing Authorized ITL

The approval allows GRL Dongguan and other GRL global test sites to help manufacturers adhere to relevant certification requirements as defined by USB-IF and evolving market demands. 

Granite River Labs (“GRL”) Dongguan, a global leader in test and certification services and automated test solutions for digital connectivity, charging technologies, and professional market access services, announces the successful attainment of the status as a USB4® Electrical Authorized Independent Test Lab (ITL) for its Dongguan Test Lab. This significant achievement underscores GRL's commitment to upholding the highest standards in USB4® compliance testing and positions the lab as a trusted authority in the realm of USB technology.

USB4® is the latest generation of the Universal Serial Bus specification used to connect a wide range of external devices to laptops and PCs. It boasts superior features that include up to 40 Gbps data transfer rate, reversible USB-C® connector type, as well as the simultaneous delivery of video, data, and higher wattage power. 

To date, GRL Dongguan has seamlessly executed six correlation tests with Intel for USB4® Electrical and Thunderbolt 4 Functional Validation (TBT 4 FV) testing, including both host and device configuration, producing highly correlated results.  

“We are proud to have reaped the cumulative rewards of our efforts and become a USB4® Certified test lab status for both Host and Device”, says Granite River Labs President of Worldwide Services, Holger Kunz, “Today, we remain committed to provide trusted testing services that foster progress and compliance in the realm of USB4® technology.”

Published by GRL Team September 15, 2023