GRL MIPI MPhyRx Test Application Software for the Tektronix BSA/BSX BERTScope™ and Real time Oscilloscope


Overview & Features

Quickly run MIPI MPhy Receiver electrical testing consistent with CTS with automated calibration


GRL’s MIPI MPhy Receiver Calibration and Test Application Software for the Tektronix BERTScope BSA(GRL-MIPI-MPHY-RX) provides an automated, simple, and efficient way to test MIPI MPhy Receiver to the Jitter Tolerance and other test requirements of MIPI MPHY Compliance Test Specification version 3.0r18. GRL-MIPI_MPHY-RX automates HS mode measurements at Gear1 , Gear2 and Gear3 and PWM mode Gear0 to Gear7, and runs on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS-based PC or Oscilloscope.

GRL-MIPI-MPHY-RX eliminates the need for user interaction during testing. GRL-MIPI-MPHY- RX enables automated calibration between the BERTScope and real-time oscilloscope to generate stressed-signal conditions for MIPI Rx Compliance testing.

GRL’s unique test automation software provides a simple user interface to automate the complex MIPI testing and helps reduce the time required for calibrating the equipments significantly.

Key Features

  • Perform Receiver test for MIPI MPhy at the push of a button
  • Achieve consistent results with rapid test execution
  • Minimize human intervention to complete MIPI MPhyReceiver tests
  • Automate sending training pattern used BERTScope

Application Specifications

This application is compatible with all Tektronix BERTScope™ BSA models (8Gb/s or above) and runs on any Windows 7 PC or Oscilloscope.

Options & Accessories

GRL-MIPI-MPHY-RX - MIPI MPhy Receiver Calibration and Test Software.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Download & Purchase

MIPI_ Phy-BERTScope-Real Time Oscilloscope GRL MIPI MPhyRx Test Application Software 10-Day Trial License
Download Link

How to Download Click the download button and save the file to a temporary directory on your PC.

How to Install
On your PC or Oscilloscope, open (execute) the downloaded file, and follow the on-screen installation instructions.  More instructions are available in the Quick Start Guide.

Download Datasheet